Effectively Heat Small-to-Medium Sized Homes

The traditionally styled Warmbrite 200 is a medium-size, fan-assisted convection fireplace engineered to effectively heat small-to-medium sized homes up to 200m2.

It’s also ideal for environments where space is limited due to its minimal clearance requirements.

The Warmbrite 200 is finished in high-temp Senotherm Metallic Black with a 3-speed electric fan lets you choose just how warm you want to be at any given moment. The firebrick-lined firebox extends overnight burn times, and the firebox itself is constructed from 6mm heavy-duty steel and comes with a 10-year warranty and an 8mm Easyfit baffle plate. The firebox is deep too! You can fit logs up to 400mm in length in there to keep the burn going longer!

The Warmbrite 200 is also fitted with impact-resistant glass and incorporates the ’Clearview’ air wash system, which helps prevent blackening of the glass and helps cut down on cleaning maintenance.

So, if you’re looking for a wood fire solution that looks great, heats small to medium areas efficiently with low emissions and outperforms Australian Standards… There’s really no better choice than a Warmbrite 200.

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