Protect Your Pool With A Permanent Stain Protection


Preserve the lifespan and beauty of your stone, tiles and pavers with a permanent stain protection

After you’ve carefully selected a beautiful stone or masonry finish, and once your project is complete, it’s time to protect these porous surfaces which are prone to staining and damage over time with a permanent stain protection. Tiles, pavers and stone, especially near pool areas, can discolour and appear dirty due to the ingress and movement of water and impurities carried throughout the surface.

Stain proof protection

STAIN-PROOF™ sealers provide a permanent water- and oil-repelling barrier that protects against these forms of damage, extending the life of porous materials, reducing cleaning costs and keeping surfaces looking better longer.

Why protect porous poolside surfaces:
• Reduce maintenance
• Increase the lifespan of the surface
• Protect your investment
• Lower the need for contractors to be called back to jobs to fix issues

The chemistry in the STAIN-PROOF range of sealers is unique. Specially engineered molecules that are hundreds of times smaller than competitor sealers penetrate much deeper into the pores of the material, where they then bond permanently without affecting its look or breathability. This uniquely deep water- and oil-repellent barrier not only protects against staining, but also against structural damage caused by water ingress, freeze-thaw spalling and salt efflorescence.

With STAIN-PROOF sealers and cleaners, you know you’re getting the best protection to ensure your one-of-a-kind project continues to look good for many years to come. So why would you risk the end vision by using anything but the STAIN-PROOF range of world-leading sealers, consolidators and enhancers to protect your creation?

STAIN-PROOF is a part of the ICP’s specialty coatings, adhesives and sealers. To find your nearest dealer or accredited applicator, visit

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