Five on-trend indoor and outdoor surfaces


Just like the mosaics of ancient Greece and the limestone blocks of the pyramids, the surfaces of your home should tell a story – and last beyond a lifetime. We share the classic materials that will keep your home looking legendary.

  1. Sandstone

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    Sandstone is a classic, beautiful surface that will continue to look stunning – and, like a fine wine, continue to get better – as it ages. It is extremely versatile, too, and is an excellent choice for all projects from outdoor paving to steps to indoor tiling to wall cladding.


  3. Slate

  4. PaversPlusSlate

    An attractive, dense stone that has similar properties to limestone, slate is suited to both indoor and outdoor settings. Available in all shades of grey with variations of purple, green, cyan and brown, it works wonderfully as a counter-balance to the verdant green of a garden or as part of a natural or monochrome interior.


  5. Granite

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    From ancient through to contemporary times, granite is a stone that has been valued for its beauty and its strength. Ideal for everything from kitchen benchtops to outdoor paving and cladding, granite comes in a range of finishes. We guarantee you, it will bring that extra je ne sais quoi to your residential or business build.


  7. Travertine

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    A fine-textured, creamy or caramel-coloured stone, travertine has been used for imperial palaces and heritage buildings throughout the ages. Formed from hot natural springs, which give its surface a natural variation, travertine is your go-to stone for adding a sense of luxury to your home.


  9. Bluestone

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    Bluestone is a hard-wearing material that has been used to pave Melbourne footpaths, driveways and kerbs for centuries. It comes in a range of finishes and is just the thing for any of your indoor or outdoor projects.


    Written by Danielle Kirk