Striking, Unique, and Durable Flooring


Exceptional Floors: Are you looking for a striking, unique and durable floor? Consider luxury vinyl flooring.

A family-owned business since 1973, Karndean Designflooring is one of the world’s leading suppliers of luxury vinyl tile flooring. In-house designers meticulously recreate the look of natural products such as timber and stone in a wide range of timber-look
planks and stone-look tiles. Unlike the natural materials they replicate, Karndean’s flooring products won’t crack or split, are quieter and softer underfoot, low-maintenance, easy to clean and faster to install — all backed by a Lifetime Residential Warranty.

To cater for everyone, Karndean offers three luxury vinyl flooring formats: Gluedown, Rigid Core Hybrid and LooseLay. Choosing a floor that suits your home can be challenging, which is why Karndean offers many of its beautiful designs in dual format. As these are available in Gluedown for design flexibility and Rigid Core for use over existing hard surface floors or uneven subfloors, they’ll suit any room.

striking, unique and durable floor

Flooring can completely transform the look of your home. Each product is designed with intent, giving you a floor you’ll be proud of for years to come. Enjoy the same style of floor throughout your home with the confidence that you can have the same design, even when the formats are different.


The Gluedown ranges are individual planks and tiles that are stuck down using permanent adhesive. They can be customised with design strips, borders, laying patterns such
as herringbone, staggered or brick lay and custom cuts, as well as offering a wide choice
of designs.

Features such as textured emboss or Karndean’s premium handscraped finish, wide bevels or flat edges make each range unique to Karndean and serve to highlight the faithful replication of the original timber and stone that inspired each design.

Karndean’s Korlok Stone Range Korlok Wood,

LooseLay Format

The LooseLay Longboard range is a collection of 20 timber-look individual luxury vinyl planks in Karndean’s largest extra-long 1.5m plank length. Featuring unique designs inspired by native Australian species, American and European oaks, the collection offers a contemporary palette that makes the most of its size and versatile LooseLay format.

The LooseLay Originals range is a collection of 18 timber-look planks and 12 stone-look individual luxury vinyl tiles. This collection includes a variety of oaks from around the world, and on-trend stone designs inspired by natural features, minimalist concrete, luxurious honed limestone and natural Pietra, complementing a wide range of interior styles.

Karndean’s premium handscraped finish

Rigid Core Hybrid

Check out Karndean’s Korlok Stone Range Korlok Wood, Van Gogh and Knight Tile. Last year, the company proudly presented an extension to its successful Korlok rigid core hybrid flooring range of timber-look planks, introducing 12 exciting stone tiles. Designs include concrete, limestone, terrazzo and Italian marble. The added security of Karndean’s 5G® locking mechanism, backed by its HoldFast®, guarantees these securely locked planks will stay together at the end seams. Just one click and these floors are locked for life. Many of the Korlok stone tiles feature InteGrout®, Karndean’s colour-coordinated and stain-resistant grouting that is seamlessly attached to the product, for a faster installation with less mess. What’s even better? InteGrout® is smooth and easy to clean, so say goodbye to the scrubbing and bleaching that comes with typically textured grout. This format is the quietest to walk on thanks to the built-in acoustic underlay and is ideal for upstairs rooms where you wish to minimise noise transfer throughout your home. An ideal alternative to laminate and original stone flooring, the Rigid Core format offers quick and easy installation that hides subfloor imperfections while having the durability and waterproof qualities of luxury vinyl.

Karndean flooring is available through trusted flooring retailers Australia-wide. Visit the Melbourne showroom. Read more articles by Karndean Designflooring HERE

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