Outdoor Escape: The Dusty (NSW Landscaping Project)

Husqvarna Champion of Champions: Australian Landscaper of the Year – Meet the Judges


As we near the finish line of discovering who will take out the title of the inaugural Husqvarna Champion of Champions: Australian Landscaper of the Year, let’s take a deep dive into the panel of judges

Alby Rogers, MLSA Vice President (SA)

Alby is the Managing Director of Visual Landscape Gardening Pty Ltd and an experienced MLSA Awards of Excellence Judge. With more than 30 years of experience under his belt, Alby has expertise knowledge of the building and landscape industry in both the commercial and residential sector. Alby’s wide-ranging experience and keen eye will be valuable in the awards judging.

Matthew Lunn, Nursery and Garden Industry (WA)

Matthew brings an abundance of knowledge and experience to this judging panel. Trained in horticulture and landscape design at the Royal Horticultural Society’s Garden Wisley in the UK was only the tip of the iceberg in Matthew’s career. Diligently transforming the groups campus of Curtin University into a botanical oasis, he was soon recognised as Australian Horticulturist of the Year in 2000. Appointed CEO of Nursery and Garden Industry (WA) and Executive Officer of the Landscape Association (WA), Matthew brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our judging panel.

Husqvarna Champion of Champions: Landscaper of the Year - Meet the Judges 1

Michael Ryan (QLD)

Michael carries decades of experience in the landscaping industry. From landscape architecture to project management, construction management to research-based design and disability access assessment, Michael knows a thing or two about landscape design. Running a consultancy practice from 1974 and performing state and national tasks for the Institute of Landscape Architecture and Architecture since the 1970s, Michael brings an array of talent and expertise to the judging panel. Champions of Champions is not Michael’s first rodeo in judging having judged the Queensland Landscape Construction Awards, we look forward to finding out which project Michael deems good enough to receive the crown.

Matt Leacy, Landscape Architect (NSW)

Co-founder of Landart Landscapes, Matt is an astounding landscape architect from NSW who has more than 20 years of experience in design, construction and maintenance under his belt. Sharing his expertise as a media commentator, column writer and regular host for special events, Matt has achieved an array of accomplishments in his career. Working on the Living Colour installation in Sydney, current board member and former president for LNA Master Landscapers Association, Matt’s expertise will not be surpassed on this judging panel.

Yards, Hawthorne (QLD)
Yards, Hawthorne (QLD)

Steve Taylor, Landscape Designer (VIC)

Built and designed multiple award-winning gardens for over 20 years, Steve is a renowned landscape designer we are more than happy to welcome to the panel. With previous experience as a guest lecture for London College of Garden Design and a regular judge for state and national landscaping awards, Steve is a harsh critic whose mission is to find Australia’s landscape of the year.

Nicole Mulloy, ODS Editor

Our very own Nicole, Editor of Outdoor Design Source joins this wonderful panel of judges. Having been in this position for over six years, Nicole has extensive knowledge and understanding of the everchanging landscaping and environmental sectors. Nicole’s experience in the commercial and domestic realms give her a solid perspective of the year’s best entries.

Husqvarna Champion of Champions: Landscaper of the Year - Meet the Judges 2

Matthew Richardson, Grillex National Sales Manager – SPONSOR

Matthew joined the Grillex team in 2020 with already 11 years of experience in the park infrastructure industry. His expertise has supported the development of multiple iconic Australian open spaces. His extensive knowledge will not be looked passed on this star-studded panel.

Vienna Spence, Husqvarna Australia Marketing Manager – SPONSOR

Vienna is a leading marketing manager at Husqvarna Australia. Her extensive expertise in project management, marketing strategy, planning and team mentorship make Vienna an innovative voice on the judging panel.

Deep Green Landscaping, Westfield Carousel Shopping Centre (WA)
Deep Green Landscaping, Westfield Carousel Shopping Centre (WA)

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*Top image credit: Outdoor Escape Landscaping, The Dusty (NSW) – Residential Construction $70,000-$150,000