Why the Layers of Hybrid Flooring Matter

As its popularity amongst designers and renovator’s attests, the uniquely layered design of Hybrid Floating floorboards proves their worth time and time again.

Manufactured to deliver exceptional performance, Hybrid flooring planks offer huge visual appeal, and come in a range of dècors designed to complement a host of interior aesthetics.

Hybrid floors, as the name indicates, combine the waterproof qualities of luxury vinyl plank with the durability of laminate flooring across four distinct layers, producing an extremely high performing, temperature and fade resistant surface with bonus water resistance.

Layer One

The surface, or face layer, is a UV protectant that not only helps to prevent colour fade over time from direct sunlight, but also assists in withstanding minor household dents and scratches.

Layer Two

Is all about the look. Hybrid flooring showcases a variety of wood-look dècors that artfully mimics the look of genuine timber.

Choose from Australian timber species that highlight the appearance of natural woodgrain, or the casual elegance of popular European Oak tones, this layer delivers the all-important visual and textural impact.

Layer three

At the heart of the matter is the core, a rigid or semi rigid composite substrate.

We supply two distinct ranges of Hybrid flooring core structures. Atlantis, a 5.5mm stone polymer Core (SPC), combines limestone, PVC and stabilisers to create a high density, super stable centre that resists grooves and marks, and Aqua-tuf, an 8mm Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) that blends limestone and PVC wood dust for a semi-rigid aerated core with superior acoustics as well as a 1mm vinyl layer for a softer under-foot feel.

Layer four

In great news for DIY-ers, the fourth layer is a pre-attached underlay. Mess free and extremely simple to install directly over most sub floors, the underlay layer also serves to improve underfoot comfort and help dampen noise.

Capable of withstanding the rigours of heavy foot traffic and pets, Hybrid floating floors are ideal for just about every room of the house. Once laid, hassle-free Hybrid has no gaps between the planks for dirt and grit to gather, making it a breeze to clean and maintain also.

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