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Designed for living and made for generations

The lovely thing about a woodheater is not just the warmth it provides to a room and a home, it’s about the ambience it creates.  Knowing your woodheater is made locally by Australian artisans — over four generations in country Victoria — adds to the appeal and the nostalgia. A market leader for more than 25 years, Jindara Woodheating produces heaters that are proudly designed and manufactured in Australia, with a strong reputation based on quality and performance.

Focusing on timeless design and classic style, Jindara woodheaters provide the ultimate centrepiece for your room and the meeting place for relaxing with family and friends, or just unwinding in peaceful solitude. Offering an expansive range of styles — including freestanding woodheaters, insert woodheaters and a double-sided range — you can find a style to suit your home aesthetic, your needs and your taste, providing either a bold or seamless addition to your space.

The Freestanding Outback Series is certain to impress, with clever design features. The bay window Outback Series also come with Jindara’s pre-heated primary air technology. Loading firewood has never been easier, with the flat-window models featuring a tall ergonomic pedestal while the elegant bay-window models provide optimal views of flickering flames.

The Freestanding Radiant Series is sleek and modern, with all the benefits of radiant woodheating. Perfect for homes with poor insulation or high ceilings, radiant heaters emit heat directly through the outer surface of the woodheater, rapidly warming your space. They also offer a “Boost Air” inlet for easier ignition.

The Freestanding Paramount Series has been the cornerstone of Jindara woodheaters, with cast-iron lining and years of performance reliability, while the Freestanding Platinum Series strikes the perfect balance between classic and modern style.

Insert heaters are available in the Insert Outback Series, which will turn your draughty open fireplace into a highly efficient heat source: the Insert Paramount Series, which features cast-iron lining and traditional design; and the Insert Platinum Series, which is a visually striking product with a narrow fascia to allow the heater to sit neatly within your wall or fireplace. Insert heaters can be easily installed using Jindara’s Zero Clearance Cabinets.

Jindara’s Double Sided range provides a powerful heating source and a stately centrepiece — as a freestanding, modular or insert model. With incredible capacity to warm your home in multiple spaces, this range can heat up to 420sqm.

With a 10-year warranty and manufactured to the highest specifications, every Jindara woodheater is built to keep you cosy and warm during the peak of winter and last for generations, making sure you get the most out of your investment. Part of the AF Gason family, Jindara embraces AF Gason’s core principles of honesty and respect. From humble beginnings in 1946, the company prides itself on integrity, ethical conduct and fairness in all its business dealings — old-fashioned Australian values you can trust.

Jindara has an established Australia-wide network of dealers who provide sales and installation, backed by industry-leading after-sales service and support. You can find your nearest dealer by entering your address on their website, where you’ll find an extensive range on display.

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