TV above your fireplace? Here's how

The innovative solution that allows your TV to be closer to your fireplace


Most gas fireplaces allow for a TV above the fireplace, however, this game-changing new heating design from Escea shows that you can not only have your TV closer to the firebox, but make the ‘TV above fireplace’ style look great too!

NZ manufacturer Escea is known for its ultra-wide and sleek gas fireplaces, and the company’s latest series release doesn’t disappoint allowing for the lowest TV clearance on the market. The DS Series is frameless, drawing the eye to the generous flame. With Escea’s innovative technology, the wall stays cool, making it possible to use any surrounding material and put your TV right above the fireplace.

“Feedback from customers was that a TV above the fireplace works best for living room layouts, but the height at which it had to sit on the wall was too high for comfortable TV viewing. So we came up with the technology to allow a clearance height of only 200mm above the firebox,” explains Escea’s lead designer, Alex Hodge.

One of the biggest advantages of an Escea fireplace is the design flexibility, which allows you to put the fireplace anywhere you like. This is largely down to Escea’s Power Flue technology that gives the flues the flexibility to run upwards, downwards or even sideways up to 12m.

As with all Escea gas fireplaces, the DS Series is glass-fronted. The room’s air and the fire’s air do not mix, increasing efficiency, as well as making for a dry and healthy home.

This fireplace is available in both single- or double-sided options. The double-sided, see-through fire makes for a dramatic partition and is a great way to connect two spaces.

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