This smart heater is perfect for warming any outdoor area

This smart heater is perfect for warming any outdoor area

These tech-savvy smart heaters are perfect for any outdoor space … and it’s easy to see why

This tech-savvy smart heater is perfect for any outdoor area… and it’s easy to see why

Once upon a time, we had to spend winter keeping warm indoors. Now, thanks to the quality and convenience of products like this smart heater from IXL Home, you can take your relaxation outside again and enjoy your outdoor area.

The IXL Fresco Aurora Outdoor Heater/Light system combines an infrared heater with dimmable task and mood lighting. This allows you to enjoy evenings on the deck with family and friends. Plus, thanks to Halo Heat technology, you can warm your outdoor space quickly in a cost-effective manner while adding feature lighting to enhance the ambience.

This isn’t just a convenience item, but a lifestyle benefit. You can control it all through an app on your phone, ensuring a change in temperature or illumination is only ever one click away.
This product is housed in a singular stylish unit, and is designed to be hung from flat or gabled roofs. As a result, it is perfect for outdoor rooms, decks, verandahs and balconies. It even suits coastal areas thanks to the use of a wind-resistance feature; infrared technology ensuring it warms objects rather than the air, so all your heat won’t blow away with the breeze. Not only that, but an auto-off timer provides extra peace of mind and product safety.

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