Why you should invest in solar roofing


Here are just a few reasons why solar roofing may not only be the most sustainable, but also the most cost effective option for you

There are many benefits to investing in solar power. Of course, the obvious one is that solar is a sustainable solution for both now and the future, as solar energy systems are capable of offering homeowners savings of up to $3000 per year, not to mention increasing the property’s value.

However, an independent study of 1000 participants, conducted by roofing expert Monier, showed some homeowners have reservations about investing in solar. The main reason is that consumers find it all quite complicated, and there is also a lack of trust in the advice they are receiving. This attitude could be driven by the fact that there are many small one-man bands with little experience pushing solar because it’s currently on trend and they are hoping to make a quick buck. This leads to another reason why Australians don’t put solar on their roof — because they are afraid the company they use won’t be around in years to come. There is little assurance the company will be available if something goes wrong.

While quality and warranty are key drivers for consumers when choosing solar, 30 per cent of Australians won’t put solar on their roof because it affects their street appeal. So when choosing solar, homeowners are looking for a good warranty, smart phone apps so they can monitor energy efficiencies, and integration with the home’s roofline to maintain street appeal. After all, who doesn’t want to have the best-looking house on the street?

If these are concerns you might have, let us present Monier’s new solar roofing options that provide flexible ways of integrating solar into your roof. Monier and Bradford Energy have the knowledge to professionally install your solar from delivery to final connection on new builds. Better still, they are backed by CSR, one of Australia’s largest building companies, so you can have peace of mind these companies will still be around in years to come.


Monier InlineSOLAR is a first in the Australian market. It’s a solar roofing system designed to allow your solar panels to integrate seamlessly and sit flush with your roof, rather than traditional bolt-on solar panels which sit on top of your existing roof. This makes for a flat and seamless roofline, ensuring the street appeal of your home is not compromised. Because the panels are integrated, ” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>InlineSOLAR creates a beautiful low profile, making them less prone to wind or debris damage than traditional bolt-on panels. Better still, you can rest assured the clever integration means your roof remains strong and watertight as the panels go on when your roof goes on. Partner your InlineSOLAR panels with Monier’s flat terracotta or concrete range to create the ultimate contemporary finish.

Key benefits

1. Integration with the roof, creating a seamless, flush finish. You get all the benefits of energy savings, as well
increased value through maximising
your street appeal.
2. Monier InlineSOLAR is available with the Tesla Powerwall 2 battery so you have the option of storing your energy.
3. InlineSOLAR is installed while your roof goes on, meaning there is no need to cut, grind or drill into an existing roof, which can lead to leaks at a later date.
4. The system is available with online monitoring so you can see its performance in real time and the savings that come with installing solar.
5. Our solar packages come with a 25-year performance guarantee and 10-year product warranty.
6. InlineSOLAR comes with a DC-optimised system, which means each panel can operate independently, giving you maximum control of what’s working
and when.
7. Still top of the range for maximising street appeal, but a more cost-effective solution than SOLARtile.


These innovative, top-of-the-range tiles take solar roofing to the next level. The SOLARtile is a nifty tile — that’s right, a tile, not a panel. The streamlined tiles’ seamless integration with other tiles on the roof makes this a visually appealing solution for homeowners who want to maintain the integrity of their street appeal. These tiles are embedded within the home’s roof, providing a flawless visual aesthetic.

The SOLARtile is compatible with Monier’s flat concrete range and when it comes to installation, both kinds of tiles can — and must — be installed together. This will ensure a leak-free roof at the time of installation and for many years to come.

Key benefits

1. SOLARtile integrates seamlessly into your roof, creating the best possible look for your home. Ultimately, you get the benefit of energy savings along with increased value from great street appeal.
2. Monier offers SOLARtile in an array of both 3kW and 5kW sizes, coupled with a
battery to maximise your independence from
the grid.
3. Another great benefit of the SOLARtile is its size. Because it is small and integrates with the tiles around it, SOLARtile can fit into smaller sections on the roof, providing greater flexibility of installation compared to larger panel-based systems. This allows you to tailor your SOLARtiles to the direction of the sun and maximise your solar efficiency.
4. Installed while your roof goes on, there is no need to cut, grind or drill into the roof, minimising the risk of leaks in the future.
5. SOLARtile is available with online monitoring so you can see your system’s performance in real time and the savings that come with installing the SOLARtile to your home.
6. Monier SOLARtile comes with a 25-year performance guarantee and 10-year
product warranty.
7. SOLARtile uses monocrystalline cell technology, offering higher energy efficiency than lower-grade polycrystalline cell technology.
8. SOLARtile is hail-resistant and strong enough to walk on.


Monier’s solar roofing offers so much more than just a solar panel on the roof. Here are some of the extras that make running your solar-powered home easy, cost-effective and flexible. Bradford Energy and Monier are specialists. They are backed by CSR, which is one of Australia’s largest building companies and has been providing high-quality solutions for 100 years. Not only does this guarantee years of experience, it also guarantees longevity going forward. You can trust that these guys are here to stay and will be able to assist with your solar-energy needs today and in the future.

Monier has partnered with Bradford Energy to offer packages that fit each home’s needs and budget. These specialists have developed a number of simple packages, which can be viewed on their website, to make the solar energy selection process easy. Visit monier.com.au for more information.

SOLARtile and InlineSOLAR come with an online monitoring system that performs in real time. They also come with a power performance warranty which guarantees that your system will be generating more than 80 per cent of its rated power for 25 years.

All solar energy roofing systems come with full battery compatibility and InlineSOLAR can be packaged with the Tesla Powerwall 2, which allows you to maximise your power and store energy.
Monier offers both InlineSOLAR and SOLARtile installation when the roof goes on. Due to the efficiency of this process, InlineSOLAR and SOLARtile are only available to those looking to install a new roof. It also gives you the assurance there is no compromising on quality.

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