Nanoe™ X Air Purification

The nanoe™X Air Purification system built into Panasonic Air Conditioners can inhibit outdoor pollutants plus allergens such as mould and pollen to keep homes healthier and more comfortable all year-round.

nanoe™X actively cleans the air and surfaces within the room to purify the indoor living environment. Using water molecules filled with OH radicals, the system generates 4.8 trillion tiny molecules per second which cling to and inhibit airborne bacteria, viruses, mould, pollen and allergens, as well as reducing odours.

Cleverly, the air-purification system can run independently of the air conditioner, offering users versatility without the additional cost of using cooling or heating.

Smart and wireless control

Air Conditioner control is streamlined by turning a mobile device into a remote controller via the Panasonic Comfort Cloud App.

What’s more, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa compatibility delivers a smart home system with total climate control and comfort. Voice control can be used for hands-free tasks like turning the system on and off, switching between operating modes, managing temperature settings and more.

Want to ramp up the coolness factor? Take things to the next level by automating air conditioning using the Google Home app or Alexa Routines. Commands such as “Hey Google, Good Morning” can be programmed to launch a custom routine with the desired temperature and schedule.

Energy Efficiency

One of Panasonic’s guiding principles is environmental sustainability. With this in mind, their ducted systems use the R32 refrigerant which reduces environmental impact and also delivers better energy efficiency.

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