Does a Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner Reduce Heating Bills?


You can chase away the winter chill and still save money on your energy bill by swapping power-sapping portable heaters for a quiet and efficient Panasonic Inverter reverse cycle air conditioner.

According to recent research by Sustainability Victoria* (an initiative of Victoria State Government) a reverse cycle wall split system air conditioner is the most energy-efficient choice you can make, coming in at 72% cheaper to run than a portable plug-in heater with an annual cost of just $230. Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning also comes in cheaper per year than its electric in-slab heating equivalent, with the added bonus being that you can choose to heat the whole house or a number of specific zones depending on your needs. The smart choice for heating this winter is clear: install a high efficiency Panasonic Inverter reverse cycle air conditioner and you’ll save money on your power bill!

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Energy Efficiency Research

Which Area do you want to heat?

Sustainability Victoria energy efficiency research

Whole House Smart Choice:
Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner
• Save more than $500 per year
• One unit provides heating AND cooling
• Can heat whole house or specific zones

One Room Smart Choice:
Split System Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner

• Save more than $500 per year
• One unit provides heating AND cooling
• Cheapest form of electric heating

*Sustainability Victoria energy efficiency research.

Disclaimer: ‘Whole house’ refers to heating approximately 160 – 170m2. ‘One room’ is approximately 30 – 40 m2. Approximate costs per year, based on 900 hours usage (or around 5 months at 6 hours per day). Based on peak electricity tariff of 27.7cents / kWh, off-peak electricity tariff of 16.6 c/kWh. Actual costs for your house will depend on the area heated, how long you run the heating for, your thermostat settings, how well insulated the house is, your energy tariffs and your local climate.

Heating hacks to maximise efficiency

Give your Panasonic Inverter reverse cycle air conditioner a helping hand and use these hacks to reduce your winter heating bill while keeping your house toasty warm.

  • Close doors to rooms that don’t need heating.
  • Close curtains and blinds to keep the heat in and the cold out.
  • Turn the system off overnight and when you’re not home.
  • Retain heat with good quality insulation materials.
  • Use zoning to exclude rooms that don’t need to be heated.
  • Ensure that your heating system is regularly serviced and maintained.

Make the smart air conditioning choice with Panasonic

Here at Panasonic we offer a range of reliable Inverter air conditioning units, including cooling, reserve cycle, room-only and ducted systems, to suit any home design and budget. Our smart air conditioning technologies ensure maximum energy efficiency, pure air quality and precise temperature control, plus they are designed to work with your home’s natural air flow and temperature range to create the perfect climate.

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