Old-world London interior

Old-world London interior
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A British home is full of design hints supplied by its historic surroundings

With an old-world aura surrounding the residential area of Highgate, London, it was essential for interior designer Dorothee Junkin to preserve the roots of this typically British 1920s family home. It overlooks the freshwater Highgate Ponds and its serenity is magnified by 800 acres of the surrounding ancient Hampstead Heath space.

Given a brief to embrace the tradition and character of the home while adding a quintessentially contemporary feel, Dorothee was faced with the challenge of converting the property while the family lived in the house. With

The master bedroom’s colour scheme draws on its lush surrounding environment. Dark green plays a prominent role, with floral wallpaper adorning the walls
just a few furniture staples to rely on, the client looked to their designer to bring much-needed practicality and style into the space.

Although the home is full of vintage furniture pieces, modern amenities were added including audio and visual technologies that are concealed, ensuring the beautiful interiors steal the spotlight instead of unsightly cords.

One of the standout rooms of the space is the library, which is a treat for the senses. Dorothee furnished the space with a combination of contemporary pieces including an oversized bespoke sofa, eco wood lounge chairs, a designer Persian silk and wool rug and a selection of antique African collectables. Evoking a cocoon-like atmosphere, timber features heavily in the library, extending a warm invitation for occupants to escape from the everyday grind.

Both the kitchen and lounge room are more traditional in style, designed by the client who envisioned a floral theme for the spaces. Incorporated in a subtle manner, the floral theme is layered, enabling subtle hues of green, red and pink to add inconspicuous pops of colour. A large, country-inspired table is the focal point of the kitchen, surrounded by chairs, generous in number and size, for the family to gather throughout the day in the open area. Large windows are also present in the kitchen, letting in light and providing panoramic views of the terrace and garden.

The master bedroom’s colour scheme draws on its lush surrounding environment. Dark green plays a prominent role, with floral wallpaper adorning the walls. A plush fur throw adds a luxurious element to the moody space that’s full of rich accents including timber, silk and fur.

Despite converting the house into a home during construction with the clients living under the same roof, Dorothee enjoyed working hand in hand with the family to achieve their design vision. She remarked that “the moments when a room was fully complete and ready for daily use by the family were particularly rewarding. The clients’ liveable home expanded month by month, and it was wonderful to share the excitement along the way.”

Balancing modern elements with traditional and rustic fixtures is a fine line to walk in the design realm, but this home successfully integrates both to create a family home that’s stylish, unique and comfortable for all to dwell in.

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Photography by Sunphol Sorakul

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