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The benefits of carpet and rugs are endless, offering exciting possibilities for your home’s interior

Some homeowners prefer hardwood flooring, tiles or stone surfaces, however rugs and carpeting have many advantages that should not be overlooked when styling the home. “Rugs can help define a space,” says Simon Longton, manager director of Prestige Carpets. “With open-plan homes, rugs create distinguishable areas such as a cosy TV room or a sophisticated dining room.”

Choosing a flooring option can be difficult; the right one can finish a space to perfection, while the wrong one can make a room feel awkward, so your final choice is something you want to nail. There are a few factors you want to keep in mind when choosing the right carpet or rug for your space. “Fibre, style and colour are what you want to be focusing on,” says Simon. “As with most things, buy the best you can afford and it will last. Wool, being a natural fibre, wears beautifully, plus it’s a renewable resource so it gets the green tick, too.”

Some additional factors to consider are the durability and longevity of a floor and the amount of traffic through the area, along with care and maintenance requirements of the space. “Are they high-traffic areas where you need something heavy-duty, or a media room or bedroom where luxury is paramount?” asks Simon. “Do you have pets, children or stairs? These are all things to consider. Make sure the carpet or rugs you select are fit for purpose.”

There are many options available today to help you find your perfect match, and your house will look more attractive if the flooring complements the surrounding decor. There are three prominent carpet and rug styles to choose from: luxurious plush pile, twist pile and loop pile. “Luxurious plush pile, also called velvet pile, has a stunning soft feel,” says Simon. “The twist pile is similar to a plush-pile carpet, but the yarn has more of a twist in it, resulting in a forgiving finish. Finally you have the loop pile, where the yarn is literally looped over, giving more options for texture.”

One of Prestige Carpets’ more popular alternatives is Oakford Elegance, which is ideal for areas that experience heavy foot traffic. “Oakford Elegance is rated extra-heavy-duty, so suits all areas,” says Simon. “It comprises 100 per cent wool for warmth in winter and it also helps keep you cooler in summer.” On the other hand, if you’re looking for a style that is more modern and minimalist in design, look no further than the Oakford Square. “This is more contemporary in its design,” says Simon. “The structured loop pile comes in seven great colours and is rated extra-heavy-duty, so suits all areas.”

The Bombala is another nifty option to consider. Made from 100-per-cent natural undyed wool, it will add beauty, comfort and tranquillity to your home. “The Bombala can be installed wall to wall, but looks stunning as a rug,” says Simon. “At 85 ounces, this carpet/rug will wear beautifully.”

Rest assured, most carpet types are exceptionally durable, hard-wearing and luxurious underfoot. Sherpa and Himalayas provide great durability in any space. They are both broadloom, but also suit rugs, making them a double act in the home. “Sherpa is a random loop, while Himalayas have a linear appearance,” says Simon. You can also take a walk on the sleek side with the Naturals range, which is a plush, twist, cord and chunky loop called Natural Terrain. “This has the same colour bank across all types, in natural undyed wool,” says Simon. “This means every batch will have its own characteristics.”

Choosing the colour of your carpet or rug is imperative in the decision-making process. If you have a young family and pets, look for a hard-wearing carpet in a forgiving colour. Most companies offer custom services which allow you to create your own colour. “Sometimes you can’t find the perfect colour off the shelf, so why not create your own?” suggests Simon. Another option for rugs and wall-to-wall flooring is natural sisal. With a variety of colours and styles to choose from, you’re sure to find something special for your home. Sisal and flatweave rugs can be bound in a variety of materials to make stunning area rugs or runners. “Natural-fibre flooring looks brilliant when installed wall to wall,” says Simon. “The materials include self-bound, turned edge, fabric and overlocked.”

Carpets and rugs hold many benefits for homeowners. Comfort, design, acoustics and safety are all reasons as to why both are still one of the most popular flooring options. There’s nothing quite like the tactile sensation of sinking your toes into a luxurious woollen pile, or the look of a beautiful rug which complements an interior.

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Written by Stephanie Russo

Originally in Grand Designs Australia Volume 6 Issue 4

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