Incubator: a new level of innovative design - ENESS Lumes light emitting wall system DesignBUILD 2017

Incubator: a new level of innovative design – DesignBUILD 2017


A lighting system that can reduce anxiety in hospitals, a moveable home for the homeless, a particle that can allow paint to heat a room, a shock absorbing plumbing pipe and the tiny LEDs that power transparent HD screens – these are the winners of the 2017 DesignBUILD Incubator Competition

Now in its second year, DesignBUILD Incubator, is proudly presented in partnership with Architectural Review Asia Pacific, and celebrates champions of innovation in the built environment. Incubator offers an entry-level, commercial platform for new players in the market to showcase their inventions and get industry recognition. And for some it’s a chance to get in front of the industry for free!

This year AuroLED Tech, ENESS, Intelli Particle, Plastec and HOME^3 have all be awarded free space at DesignBUILD for submitting products that highlight genuine innovation.

ENESS Lumes is a wall lighting system that takes light from the ceiling and transforms it into a surface of colour and interactive visuals to help boost mood and emotion. Their latest hospital project has been developed with the aim of reducing anxiety for children.

And in a world first, Intelli Particle are showcasing an Australian technology that uses industrial ‘exothermic coating’ – composed of carbon and graphite particles – to create heat using only a low charge of electricity. The coating can be used in the composition of construction materials or even paint to produce heat.

And it’s not just the exhibitors that are innovating in 2017, as this year’s incubator pavilion has the added dimension of being designed as part the University of Technology Sydney’s RAW project.

The design for the Incubator stand utilises the principles of morphable paper folding techniques, inspired by origami, to extrapolate a flexible, foldable, flatpackable, inhabitable module to be known as FLEX. Don’t miss this innovative structure and its forward thinking exhibitors onsite at DesignBUILD 2017 this 3-5 May.

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