The laundry revolution with Bing Lee


It’s time to focus on laundries. Gone are the days when they were tucked outside the home, banished for being a service facility and sometimes doubling as a garden shed.

Today’s laundries are very much interconnected with our daily living because they should be and it makes daily living a lot easier. However, what’s been revolutionary over recent years is not just that laundry rooms are indoors, but that they present as a seamless part of the interior design aesthetic, sometimes blending with kitchens or a defined colour scheme, sometimes with shared door profiles or handles, or sitting on flooring that runs throughout the house.

Laundry revolution

But a laundry can only be as good as the products in it, because at the end of the day, it’s there to serve a purpose. We all lead busy lives and more than likely very few of us have time to wait for tradespeople who need to fix broken-down washing machines or dryers, let alone spend hours shopping for a replacement. It’s important to get the appliances right, first time. That doesn’t mean spending your monthly salary on your new washer-dryer combo, but it does mean taking the time to do your due diligence and buy what will suit your lifestyle and living situation.

Plus, you shouldn’t go past aesthetics. Why should a laundry room look bleak and dull? We already have to spend time there doing things we would otherwise not do if they weren’t essential for living, so why not do it in a comfortable environment that makes you feel happy? A stylish laundry room that’s well designed and fitted out with the right appliances really does make all the difference to those mundane chores.

When shopping for whitegoods for your laundry, it helps to have a trusted partner. In business for more than 65 years, Bing Lee has extensive industry experience across numerous home appliances and whitegoods, and laundries are part of their expertise. Employing staff who have the experience, training and knowledge to expertly assist you, Bing Lee consultants have broad insight across different brands and products. They know the best performers and they keep up-to-date with new design trends and emerging technologies to help you source the right product.

Bing Lee Laundry products

Bing Lee’s laundry fit-out includes a huge range of washing machines, dryers and washer-dryer combos in leading brands and styles, including Miele, Asko, Fisher & Paykel, Bosch, Electrolux and LG. Front load, top load, washing with steam, heat-pump tumble dryers and pure jet washers — Bing Lee has an outstanding range of products. Not to mention the colours — black, white, off-white or silver — plus a range of energy and water usage ratings, and different washing selections to suit your needs. They also stock a range of laundry accessories, like stacking kits from leading brands, venting kits for dryers and inlet hoses for washing machines.

Along with its superb product range and service, Bing Lee offers next-day delivery within Sydney and Melbourne metropolitan areas as well as selected stores in regional New South Wales and Victoria. There is also a one-hour click and collect service for selected in-stock items across all of its stores. The full-service delivery option includes delivery of your purchase, removal of the old washer or dryer if needed, cleaning of the area, installation and connection to services, levelling of your product, testing, showing the customer how to use the functionality, and rubbish removal — an absolute lifesaver for busy people.

With a range of products designed by leading brands from entry level through to premium offerings, Bing Lee is your one-stop shop — whether you’re looking for a small appliance or something more extravagant. By buying from the one retailer, it’s easier to visualise a more cohesive solution — you get greater certainty with timeframes, there’s less hassle dealing with one supplier, and you can usually secure better pricing.

Better living with Bing lee

Although selling high-end goods, Bing Lee has a distinct culture of being down-to-earth and unpretentious, and with strong buying power, the company can offer exceptional value at different price points. When you talk to a Bing Lee consultant, you’ll see they genuinely want to help customers feel satisfied with their purchase, and give them the best possible deal so you can be indulgent without breaking the bank.

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