Winter entertaining made easy with a game changing kitchen item


If using steam ovens at home is a new concept for you, get ready to be awed by the incredible range of culinary options they provide.

One of life’s true, unattainable pleasures is gathering with friends and family for a warming winter meal. You have a winning combination when you pair this native Australian pastime with tools that make the activity simpler. Here, we look at how your winter entertaining can be made easy with steam ovens.

Since the invention of the microwave oven, steam ovens have emerged as the next major innovation in kitchen appliances. Since the 1970s, steam ovens and steam combination ovens have been available, but their primary applications have been industrial cooking and catering. They quickly gained popularity in restaurant kitchens all over the world due to their efficiency in the kitchen and ability to replace multiple kitchen items at once. However, until more recent times, they typically eluded our home kitchens.

The steam combination oven is a modern convenience that every home should have because it makes life easier and frees up time and space. Let’s look at the top 4 reasons you should think about installing a Miele steam/steam combination oven in your kitchen and how you can use it to host family and friends.

Cooking Multiple Meals at Once

Cooking multiple meals at once

A full three-course meal can be prepared in one sitting using Miele steam ovens and steam combination ovens. With the added benefit of allowing you to steam side dishes, soups, or desserts while the main dish cooks, the popular steam combination oven has all the functionality of your old oven. Additional oven functions offered by Miele steam combination ovens include conventional heat, top or bottom heat, full or economy grill, fan grill, and intensive bake.

The wireless food probe that is included with the steam combination ovens can be used to continuously check the internal temperature. When the desired core temperature is reached, the oven will automatically calculate how long to cook something for. More leisure time with your visitors as a result.

steam ovens

Keep your food Juicy

Our food cooks and ultimately tastes very differently depending on the humidity in our ovens. “We cook our food using technology invented to bake bricks,” observes Nathan Myhrvold, a food scientist and author of Modernist Cooking. “. Therefore, there is no humidity control in these conventional ovens.

The steam ovens allow for an immediate exchange of heat, resulting in quicker cooking without the need for preheating, while also preventing flavors, vitamins, and nutrients from evaporating out of the food.

The moisture setting in the ovens also enables food to be revived the following day, including baked goods and leftovers.


Replaces other appliances

Instead of larger standalone steamers, steam ovens, dehydrators, and slow cookers, use a steam combination oven. essentially freeing up space on the kitchen counter for cooking and eliminating the need to store away unused appliances and utensils.

Reduce your cleaning time

Reduce cleaning time in the kitchen

The Miele steam combination oven saves time by eliminating the need to clean several kitchen appliances after one cooking session. How often have you finished a meal only to be met with the unpleasant reality of a kitchen full of dirty appliances that need soaking and scrubbing?

In contrast to other systems, Miele steam ovens produce their steam outside of the oven’s interior. Additionally, since lime scale cannot accumulate in the oven, cleaning will be quick and simple and the cooking process will benefit greatly.

The steam combination oven’s inner cabinet is made of stainless steel with a special linen-weave structure and PerfectClean finish to make cleaning it easier and less sensitive to scratching than other ovens.

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