Boconcept Top ten interiors

Top 10 ideas for decorating a contemporary interior


There is an amazing range in the market these days to guarantee anyone can customise their home exactly to their tastes. Boconcept shows us how to inject some personality into decorating your interior.

Customisable couch

Boconcept fusion sofa charcoal interior

This couch has an unusual, laidback design, but that’s just the beginning. Bonconcept’s Fusion sofa is fully customisable, from 90 different fabrics and leathers and a choice of 2 different legs. With a range of choice like that, anyone can find a combo that suits their style.

Featured: Fusion sofa in dark grey Bari fabric


Quirky cushions

Boconcept cushions flamingo pink and grey

Unusual cushions are an easy way to add instant personality to a room. Play with textures, and pair plainer pieces with one or two feature cushions for maximum effect (and comfort!).

Featured: ‘Flamingo’ neon pink, ‘Net’, pink/sand & ‘Quilted’, grey.


Violet vase

Boconcept violet glass vase homewares decor interiors

No home can have too many vases, and the team at Boconcept have a wide range to choose from. This violet vase with its dreamy marbled colours instantly caught our eye.

Featured: Vase clear/rose/purple glass


Industrial candelabra

Boconcept industrial steel black candelabra

Candles can be clichéd, but not in this dark industrial candelabra. Resembling something between machinery and plaumbing, this is a candle-holder unlike any other.

Featured: 6-armed candelabra, black steel


Clean and contemporary chair

Boconcept Ross Chair

Bonconcept’s designers work on the principle that a chair needs to be both stylish and comfortable. The Ross Chair demonstrates just that. Its clean and sleek design will appeal to anyone with a bit of sophistication.

Featured: Ross chair


Cute clocks

Boconcept scissor clocks craft inspired interior

We love the cute, crafty vibe of these wall clocks. Bound to brighten up any room they’re placed in, whether the living area, a kids room or a special sewing room.

Featured: Wall clock, grey/blue steel, fusion design by nendo

Written by Lauren Farquhar

Horned homewares

Boconcept horn sculpture homewares interiors

This Boconcept sculpture takes the cake in originality. And we love the idea of having horns rising from a glass coffee table or dining table.

Featured: Horn sculpture, natural colours and shapes


Fresh footstool

Boconcept caramel footstool interior decor

We love putting our feet up at the end of a long day, and who can disagree? Especially with this natural styled footstool. From quality materials, all customisable, this piece will give some added comfort to your home.

Featured: Istra footstool in caramel oxford leather

Sophisticated shelving

Boconcept Occa Bookcase - shelving with unusual shape

These days extra shelving is always handy to have around with the collections of books, homewares and odd-sods. This design is perfect for creating that extra level of storage in style. And it leaves the perfect space for some art on the wall.

Featured: Occa bookcases, 2 pieces, charcoal grey lacquered


Pretty poufs

Boconcept interior floor cushions grey black and white

For a laidback but stylish home, some floor cushions (or poufs) are perfect for relaxing in style.

Featured: Pouf, dark grey/black & grey/white.