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United Interiors introduces the ‘California Dreaming’ collection


It’s that time of year when we’re dreaming of sunshine and holidays! To escape the winter months, even if only through our imaginations. We have put together a collection of Artworks to inspire and indulge in the classic style of California cool

With bright captivating colours, desert inspired imagery, warm desert photography and refreshing 70’s inspired pool side locations, the ‘California Dreaming’ collection is set to have something to bring those summer vibes into any space!

Purple Palm LeafCactus TrioPalm Trio

Cacti and Palm trees are two of the most iconic images that come to mind when we think Californian deserts. Artist Julie Dabic brings new perspectives to this iconic imagery with her creative photography. Muted tones such as terracotta, deep burgundy and blue hues tie this collection together.

Cali style tip: natural materials, textures and fibres are popular in creating the California cool look. When choosing Art to match pieces that feature textural elements, plants and muted hues finish the look.

Poolside Beach 2Poolside Beach

There is nothing like a refreshing poolside pic to reminisce on warmer times. This present-day photography collection by Ilana Sallick evokes the 70’s photographic styles of poolside parties in palm springs.

Cali style tip: If using dark dense colours or materials on your walls such as charcoal or polished concrete, prints framed and bordered with white mount create contrast. Choose imagery that brightens and refreshes the space.

Golden CactusGolden Cactus 2

Faded almost vintage photography goes hand in hand with the California cool trend that has been becoming more and more popular over the last 6months. Andreas Lie uses digital Art making processes to bring together photography and collage. The pieces above use a flat tonal background to contrast the golden cacti and red blossoms.

Cali style tip: use soft tones and vintage imagery to soften the room if the furniture and décor used is eclectic, patterned and rich with colour.

African RootsAyoCarnival Is Coming

Artist Green Lili brings these vivid designs to United’s collection. Clashing intense tones with soft ice cream colours this range of prints is bound to make any room pop.

Cali style tip: use bold artworks in neutral spaces to add a focal point. Artworks with several colours are great as you can update décor items seasonally by utilising different colours from the Artwork each time.

To see more of our “California Dreaming” range visit the United Interiors website.