Give your home a modern, bold and fresh look with new carpet


Refresh the look of your interior with stylish new carpet

Is your home ready for a makeover? If it is, then you can certainly refresh the look of your interior by laying some new carpet! If you are unsure which carpet to choose to have a modern home in 2017, no need to worry, because below you will find an overview of the recommended carpets for the coming year.

Tangible Fiber Textures

The sensation of carpet fibers has always been a focal point of purchasers. At the end of the day, people want carpet to feel great. Soft carpet is at the head of purchasers’ minds when buying a carpet. Progressively over the past decade, carpet manufacturers have been delivering like Carpet Court.

Most of today’s carpets are made with “soft fibers.” These are the identical synthetic fibers used in carpet, though these are made into much finer elements than older carpet fibers. Nowadays, these are made to feel very soft.

Soft carpeting remains to dominate the market, and signify the very popular new collections introduced in the recent years including new ranges in the  Urban Vibe Collection which remains to be popular in the flooring industry.

Cut and Loop Carpeting

Like fashion trends, home interior trends tend to reappear over time. Cut and loop carpeting combines both straight cuts and loops, and was quite popular in the seventies and eighties. So, if you always liked carpet trends of these periods, you are in luck in 2017, because cut and loop carpeting is back in full force!

People who would like to invest in cut and loop carpeting will get many options as well this year, because cut and loop carpeting is usually available in many patterns and textures. Therefore, cut and loop carpet is ideal to give your living room, lounge or bedroom a completely new look.

Twist Carpeting

Twist carpet, also known as frieze carpet, is not as known amongst carpet lovers, even though it is quite a popular choice for 2017. Frieze carpet looks wavy, and therefore add a lot more debt into a room. It is suited for both small and big rooms, so you could add a bit more depth in your bedroom as well as your living room.

Compared to other carpeting, such as cut and loop carpeting, twist carpeting is a relatively new. Therefore, it is unlikely for this carpet to go out of style over the next decade. In conclusion, twist carpeting is probably one of the safest choices if you want to keep your interior up-to-date over the next ten years.

The Carpet Colours of 2017

Naturally, the type of carpet is not the only thing that is important, especially if you want to give your home a new and refreshed look. Therefore, let us have a closer look at the best carpet colours for the coming year.

The first colour, or type of colour, that is recommended for 2017 is bold; this means that you could choose carpet in a real dashing colour. Charcoal, browns and light neutrals and even multi-coloured bold carpets are not out of the question.

If you wish to play it safer, you could also choose a neutral carpet colour; this includes browns and greys. Even though these colours have been around for decades, they are still popular today and are expected to be popular for many years to come.

Still, the end decision always lies with the person who wants to refresh their home with some new carpeting. Therefore, be sure to browse the latest collections at your favourite carpeting store to find the best carpet for your home.

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