Italian Terracotta White Garden Vaso Magno 60 Cm
Italian Terracotta White Garden Vaso Magno 60 Cm

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The time-honoured combination of terracotta with citrus plants never goes out of style. Bright lemons, oranges, grapefruits and limes all contrast beautifully with the earthy tones of terracotta pots.

Beautiful Terracotta

The material’s texture and warmth brings a sense of style and homely comfort. Importantly, terracotta also promotes healthy plant growth. Once clay has been baked and formed into a pot, it allows plants to ‘breathe’; it absorbs water and continually distributes moisture throughout the compost thereby reducing evaporation. Terracotta keeps the plant’s root temperature constant when exposed to direct sunlight.

Timeless terracotta is equally comfortable in a cottage garden as in a contemporary architectural setting. The ‘citrus look’ can be nuanced with scale and colour to suit the design of both house and garden. Consider these ideas for introducing the terracotta mood:

  • Create a bold entrance by using pots of citrus in pairs to frame a doorway
  • Espalier citrus plants against a wall or fence
  • Use oversize terracotta pots to invoke the Mediterranean feel for pool areas
  • Anchor a kitchen garden with a large potted lemon tree.

Be mindful of colour choice for terracotta as particular tones work better in certain climates. Traditional red terracotta suits the bright Mediterranean sunlight. But under the Australian sun, garden design trends lean towards the mocha-coloured tones.

All these pots are frost resistant and come in large sizes to accommodate growing citrus tree roots. See a range of Italian Terracotta on Martin Kellock Pots and Planters website.