Here we answered the top questions regarding Underfloor Heating.


Have you considered an underfloor heating system before but some hovering questions dissuaded you? Well, here we cover some of the common questions we come across.

Running Cost

Underfloor has been historically thought of as expensive and quite a luxury. No longer is this the case with underfloor heating costing around 4 cents per square meter per hour to run. What this equates to is your typical bathroom running for around for hours per day would cost as little as a small takeaway coffee per week.

Increased Floor Build-up

Another concern people have had surrounds the visibility of the system itself. So, will it be noticeable under the floor? Nowadays, an underfloor heating system generally only takes up 3.5mm of space therefore not adding any height to the floor.

What if Something Goes Wrong?

Almost all underfloor heating systems carry a lifetime guarantee. What this means for you is that as long as the original flooring is in place the underfloor heating is covered by warranty. This warranty will give you peace of mind moving forward.

Final Point to Consider

Underfloor heating unfortunately cannot be laid once the flooring is complete without an entirely replacing the flooring finish. What this means is that underfloor heating is something you should consider with the rest of the renovation / build.


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