Touch of luxury: clean bathroom design


The standout element of this beautiful bathroom is the subtle, organic textures used to highlight the stone basins and bathtub

“When it came to this design, less was more — clean lines and a colour palette of rich greys let the garden vista do all the talking. Instantly creating a sense of soothing calm, the combination of the grained marble tiling and chic pristine white of the bathtub and basins is reminiscent of a luxury spa, while the timber-framed windows give this design a stylish and contemporary edge.

The floor-to-ceiling curtain adds some texture to the minimal layout, while also creating a hidden-sanctuary feel. An oversized window brings the outside in, contributing to the escapism theme and making the space feel bigger and brighter.

The stone bath is deliciously large, with the freestanding stainless-steel taps and spout enhancing the atmosphere of pure indulgence. The vanity and shelving have been kept in proportion to the large room and fixtures, yet are still minimal enough to not take away from the natural stone benches and striking tiles.

The shower and toilet suite have their own separate section complete with basin and storage options, while the elongated mirror artfully bounces the natural light around the room. Plenty of storage prevents clutter, and the hard-wearing materials are not only beautiful to look at but also easy to clean.”

Designer: Phil O’Brien for Designer Kitchens
Interior Designer: Bettina Clark for Ascot Living

Originally in Bathroom Yearbook, Volume 20