Why choose Roman Blinds for your home

Roman Blinds are a very popular choice for any home due to their great versatility. We explore some of the unique advantages that Roman Blinds have to offer and why they might be the best choice for your home

Why choose Roman Blinds for your home

Roman Blinds are a hybrid of a curtain and a blind. They stack up evenly when opened, unlike a normal shade, but they are also smooth when opened unlike regular blinds.

We spoke with the experts at Half Price Blinds about some of the advantages of Roman Blinds and why they might be worth considering.

Fold-up Design

Roman Blinds are uniquely known for their fold-up design. This makes them perfect for light and privacy control as they don’t have gaps like standard blinds. Blockout Roman Blinds (also known as ‘Blackout Roman Blinds’) are the perfect choice to eliminate unwanted light in bedrooms.

Timeless Style

Custom Roman Blinds have a timeless style that suits all manner of homes; whether Contemporary, Modern or Traditional. Simply changing the material will make the look work in any home.

Range of Blinds

Half Price Blinds offer Blockout Roman BlindsTranslucent Roman Blinds, and UV Protection Fabric, with each fabric offering unique benefits. Blockout fabric eliminates outside light and provides insulation, Translucent fabric softens natural light and UV Protection fabric prevents your soft furnishings from fading and sun damage.

Why choose Roman Blinds for your home

DIY Roman Blinds online: the easy way to update your home

Perfect for living rooms and bedrooms, Half Price Blinds offer DIY Roman Blinds in a range of custom colours. They also offer a 10% price beat guarantee on comparable competitor’s products, with the option to order up to six free fabric samples online.

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