Thermal Interlining on Curtains and Roman Blinds

Keep Cool this Summer with these window furnishings


As the temperature is set to rise in the coming months, keeping our homes cool and comfortable becomes a top priority.

The choice you make when it comes to window furnishings can have a huge impact on the temperature of your interior spaces. You want something that not only blocks out the heat in Summer, but also contributes to the energy efficiency of your home throughout the entire year. The wide range of window furnishings available from Tuiss Blinds Online are all designed specifically for easy DIY installation, meaning you can save money on the window furnishings that will in turn be saving you energy! With a vast array of fabrics and finishes available, you can achieve the perfect blend of functionality with effortless style.

Some of the most effective window furnishings to keep your home cool in warm weather include Honeycomb Blinds; Curtains and Roman Blinds with thermal interlining or full blockout lining; and Outdoor Blinds. Using a combination of these solutions and layering them will achieve the best results when it comes to the comfort of your home and the savings on your energy bills.

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Honeycomb Blinds – The Smart Insulators

Honeycomb blinds are renowned for their excellent insulating properties. The unique pleated structure resembles the cells of a honeycomb, hence the name. The pleated air pockets effectively trap the heat, preventing it from spreading through your home during the hot weather. Honeycomb blinds act as a barrier against the sun’s heat, keeping your living spaces comfortably cool. Their effectiveness also works during colder months, helping to retain heat indoors and reduce heating costs. There are various options available in honeycombs, from the blockout styles that include an aluminium foil interlining for extra insulation, to light filtering and sheer styles that let the light through without the aluminium lining, and also double thermal blinds which have two layers of the honeycomb structure for the ultimate in energy saving.

Honeycomb Blinds – The Smart Insulators

Thermal Interlining on Curtains and Roman Blinds – Optimising Comfort

On the Tuiss website, you have an option to add a thermal interlining when ordering roman blinds and curtains. The dual layered interlining features a soft, almost fluffy layer similar to quilt wadding with insulating properties, which significantly reduces the amount of heat passing through the window coverings. There is also a smooth fabric lining to finish your window dressing nicely. This interlining option not only keeps your rooms cooler in Summer, but also keeps your home warmer in Winter. It’s a great way to go if you’re looking to regulate temperature in your home, without losing all of the light, as the thermal interlining sits between light filtering and blockout lining in terms of how much light will pass through.

Blockout Lining – Light Control and Heat Protection

Blockout linings work wonders when it comes to light control and blocking the heat. These linings are specifically designed to completely block the sun from entering the room when your window furnishings are closed. They’re most effective with face fitting curtains or roman blinds, as you can measure your window furnishings to extend past the edges of your window to reduce any light gap. Ideally, your curtains would be completely floor to ceiling for the best insulation. By blocking out the intense heat from the sun, these linings when utilised this way, help maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, reducing the need for air conditioning and saving energy.

Outdoor Blinds – A Shield Against Heat

Outdoor blinds are often overlooked when considering ways to cool the interior of a home, yet they provide a very effective solution for shielding your home from external heat. When you install outdoor blinds on your patio, balcony, or any windows facing the sun, you create an additional layer of protection against the heat, before it even enters your home. These blinds not only keep your interior spaces cooler, but also protect outdoor living areas, making them comfortable places for you to relax in all year round.

Choosing the right window furnishings can make a big impact in keeping your home cool and energy-efficient during warmer weather. Tuiss Blinds Online offers a range of products designed to tackle heat effectively and by investing in these window furnishings, you not only enhance your comfort, but also contribute to a greener environment by reducing your energy consumption.

So, make a wise choice and transform your home into a cool and inviting haven all year round with the exceptional range of DIY window furnishings available from Tuiss. Stay cool, stay comfortable, and enjoy the best of every season.

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