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Enjoy your outdoor areas all year-round, whether you’re dining alfresco on balmy nights or rugging up and toasting marshmallows in the heart of winter.

The doors you choose to connect these outdoor spaces with the interior of your home largely depends on the building design and your requirements.

Paarhammer presents its three most popular door designs so you can choose to go inside or out in style:


Interior/exterior flow comes easy with this crowd-favourite option. Think outside the box with custom-made giant sliding doors, sliding stackers and corner sliders. This space-saving door can slide over a fixed glazed area with no protruding door panel internally or externally. For even easier use, think high tech with a motorised door.

One of our favourites is the corner slider without a corner post for unbroken views of a garden or porch. Speaking of unbroken views, the bigger, the better for windows. Paarhammer can make very large sliding doors, anything up to 400kg per slider. Large doesn’t mean clunky, either – German-engineered lift-slide action hardware means your doors will open effortlessly, and once closed are draught-proof for your comfort.


Imagine opening-up a whole wall simply by turning a handle or two. With this style of door, you can. The first hinged door of a bi-fold door suite can be used for everyday use, while the rest of the frames stay locked in position. On a warm afternoon, say hello to outdoor living by transforming two spaces into one and enjoying everything the outdoors has to offer.

Everyone wants to have their cake and eat it too, so low-maintenance and large-glassed bi-fold doors should always be on the table. Paarhammer offers doors that stack on the inside to keep them out of the elements and reduce weathering. Depending on the configuration chosen, the first door can also tilt inwards from the top like a hopper window, providing ventilation and ideal air circulation.


Feeling French? A long-term Australian favourite for accessing the verandah, French doors offer a charming look that we can’t get enough. With the latest in design, Paarhammer French doors can offer a level magnetic threshold to attract seals from the threshold to the bottom of the door. This or other thresholds ensure your doors will be airtight.

Enjoy the design versatility with inside – or outside – opening options, as well as doors with a curved arch for a bit of European glamour. You can open one of the doors or both depending on the weather. Your decision isn’t whether to get French doors or not – it’s whether to choose fully or partly glazed doors and whether it’ll feature sidelights.


Since we’re talking doors, consider how you can kick your kerbside appeal up a notch with the ideal entrance door. Choose an option that maintains the indoor temperature and lowers the energy bill, while also reducing noise. Express your style with your own design by having it custom made for you – or chose one of Paarhammer’s many designs – incorporating unique double rebates, seals and a metal-to-metal locking system for superior security. Automation is also a function that can be chosen from these ranges. It’s time to open the door to style!


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