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Every home deserves a stylish screening solution.

Whether it be for an outdoor patio, gazebo or you are in the market for a luxurious set of window shutters – Shutterflex has everything you will need. 

Shutterflex has developed gorgeous, high quality products which look great in any residential home, from the classic Federation style to the latest in contemporary architectural visions. They’re bespoke products can truly uplift the feeling and appearance of any building.

Through their experience are able to offer the very best in exceptional design, superior manufacturing and precision fitting. Shutterflex understands how important it is to invest in custom shutters and screens that are designed to last.

With design and engineering at the heart and soul of what they do, you can always be confident that you’re investing in top-quality climate control products, created specifically for Australian conditions.

They’re considered one of Queensland’s most trusted suppliers of top-quality facades, external shutters, aluminium shutters, louvres, and screens. Shutterflex will custom make your order to suit both residential and commercial projects throughout Australia and across the Pacific Islands.

If you’re after facades, shutters, louvres, and screens that provide lasting style and superb functionality; Shutterflex has the perfect shade, privacy and climate control solutions for you.


  • Highly durable sun shading for windows and awnings
  • Ideal privacy screening for gates, gable infill and air conditioning units
  • Made of high-quality, low-maintenance aluminium
  • Panels can be either fixed or moveable
  • Panels can be manufactured with or without frames for two different looks
  • Choose from two different profiles

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