Winter is coming: 12 tasty & toasty heaters


No matter what your style or space, here is a selection of heaters that will keep you cosy all year-round


contemporary strip gas fireplace

Jetmasters’ classy RED40 series of balanced flue linear gas fireplaces are available in either a double-sided (see-through) or single-sided option. The RED 40 series is designed to inspire as it blends linear design elements with the cutting-edge thermostat modular, flame-control technology of the IntelliFire Plus Ignition System. The generous gas flame dances through your choice of coloured crystal glass, further enhanced by the glow of accent under lighting and your choice of surrounding decor, including the optional RED 40 black granite slips.


rotating modern fireplace

Completely flattening the boundaries of fireplace design and function, Turn from Oblica is half fireplace and half storage, with the ability to rotate 360°. With all the functional efficiencies you need, Turn will not only serve as a heat source but will also add innovation and technologically savvy characteristics to your interior.


EcoSmart_MIX Fire Bowls

Sprucing up the rustic look of a traditional firepit, EcoSmart Fires’ MIX Fire Bowls were invented by award-winning industrial designer Marc Veenendaal for courtyards, patios, pool decks and terraces. As a bioethanol burner, the MIX Fire Bowls provide the aura of a firepit without all the mess and smoke of a wood-burning pit. Available in two different sizes and colours (natural concrete and dark-grey concrete), the MIX Fire Bowls are completely weatherproof and are fitted with EcoSmart’s AB3 and AB8 round burners, which will provide up to eight hours of usage.


outdoor strip heating

Ideal for outdoor areas, the Heatstrip from Thermofilm uses a unique electric heating element that emits rapid, even radiant warmth directly to individual people and surfaces. Compact and unobtrusive, Heatstrips are a smart and effective way to keep your outdoors at the perfect temperature.



Does a clean-burning, odourless, fireplace that is free of smoke, ash and embers sound like your ideal heating solution? Then a bioethanol fireplace may just be the answer. Designer Fire’s range of free-standing and wall-mounted fireplaces are a great alternative to their traditional bioethanol counterparts. Without the need for gas, pipes, chimneys or utility connections, a bioethanol fire is perfect for apartment living and even large living spaces where the ambience of a fire’s flames is desired. Available in a range of sizes and designs, there is a Designer Fire for every function.


chic invisible fireplace

Strikingly simplistic, the Ghost invisible fireplace from EcoSmart Fire has a gorgeous, toughened-glass facade that captures the flickering flame and adds an extra dimension to the design. With a storage space below for pieces of cut timber, the Ghost’s design is very minimal, however very captivating, and will work just as well as a statement piece, as it will a heat source.



Celebrating 30 years in the fireplace industry, Real Flame has released the new Captiva Island range. Available in a two- or three-sided version and in a black or stainless-steel finish, it is a perfect feature either in-between rooms or in an open-plan living area. The Captiva Island offers a direct vent-balanced flue space heater that can be flued in a horizontal or vertical configuration, with all combustion air taken from outside, so there is no requirement for room ventilation. This type of safe ventilation makes the Captiva Island more child-friendly and safe. It is, therefore, ideal for family homes.



Standing 137cm high, EcoSmart Fire’s Flare outdoor fire commands attention with its elevated, luminous flame. Housed in a tough, mouth-blown glass cylinder and featuring a textured, powder-coated black finish, Flare produces a warm, ambient and inviting flame. Powered by environmentally friendly bioethanol, the flame originates from the efficient AB3 burner and delivers up to eight hours’ use, with no flue or chimney required. Use as a solitary centrepiece or group together for impact.



The Escea EW5000 wood fire with stainless-steel fascia and cooking plate is the perfect addition to your outdoor space. It can provide enough heat to warm a large area so will allow you to host dinner parties while still keeping you and your guests warm all year-round.


elegant gas fireplace

A modern interpretation of the traditional household stove, the Shaker from Oblica is rustic and divine. Awarded a Red Dot for their high-quality design, Antonio Citterio and Toan Nguyen created the Shaker in a compact or extended bench version. With excellent energy-efficiency characteristics and an aesthetic that would suit a multitude of interior styles, this one’s a winner.

chic towel rail heater

The sleek, streamlined aesthetic of the Fold Single 750 Heated Towel Rails, designed by Avenir for Rogerseller, will be a perfect complement to any modern bathroom. Keeping the room warm in winter while providing a cosy, warm towel once you come out of the shower, these heated rails are multipurpose and will allow you complete flexibility with arrangement and design.


industrial style heater

With more than 50 years’ experience, Cheminees Philippe, a French family-owned company, has built a competitive reputation in the heating industry. Cheminees Philippe’s dual-opening door system is ideal for family environments. By simply sliding the door upwards, you can enjoy the charming sight and enchanting acoustics of a crackling fire. However, if children come running around, just slide the door back down and you can still enjoy the beauty while keeping them safe. The rustic, authentic aesthetic of a bare Cheminees Philippe firebox is just so exquisite, why would you cover it up?


Words Karsha Green

Originally from Grand Designs Australia magazine Issue 3.1