A dynamic kitchen design with unrivaled uniqueness


Dynamic, unique and alluring are but a few words that describe this ultra modern kitchen. The monolithic surfaces, enhanced functionality and conical bar beautifully accentuates this unique allure

“My design criterion for this small space was to create a kitchen that maximised storage while developing a dynamic and unique design. I designed a circular conical bar to feature as the centrepiece of the kitchen space and selected Staron Solid Surfaces in the new colour Mosaic Dalmatian to create this piece. The material was thermoformed to form a circular and virtually seamless shape with no open joins, just one continuous, monolithic surface.

The bar was geometrically integrated to set the tone of this bespoke kitchen. Accentuating the kitchen’s elegance, the conical bar is a tactile talking point and social aspect to the kitchen. The non-porous nature of Staron ensures that no stain is ever permanent so that it maintains its beautiful finish. The overhead O-Lux-1200 light fitting by sculptor, Wesley Harrop, mirrors the bar’s iconic shape and sets the mood.

The wet area is integrated into the top of the bar and the black accents in the Mosaic Dalmatian colour are highlighted by the complementary matte black kitchen mixer. The kitchen features integrated appliances, and a series of five VZug appliances, which form a mirrored cube.

All aspects of the kitchen are visually alluring yet efficiently positioned to enhance functionality. The result is an inviting and distinctive kitchen.”

Designer: Eliza Rudkin for Lane Walker Rudkin, Staron Design Award Winner


Samsung Staron Solid Surfaces

Website Austaron Surfaces

Website lanewalkerrudkin.com


Originally from Kitchens and Bathrooms Quarterly magazine Volume 20 Issue 2


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The kitchen space is open plan, so colours and finishes were chosen to create a warm and inviting feel. Deep greys, timber, stainless steel and soft whites add character and interest.
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