Exploring Alfresco Culinary Delights: Morsø’s Versatile Outdoor Cooking Solutions


If you’re looking for a versatile alfresco cooking option for your backyard, terrace or balcony, Morsø has the perfect solution.

But what to choose? The multifunctional Morsø Forno outdoor wood-fired oven, the Grill ’17 which functions as an outdoor kitchen, or the little Morsø Grill ’71 which can also double as an outdoor table?

Let’s start with the Morsø Forno oven. A fine example of Danish design, this oven is made from solid cast iron and will form the centrepiece of your outdoor entertaining area. The only limit is your imagination when it comes to conjuring up new and delicious dishes in the Morsø Forno. You can use it to prepare pretty much anything, from hot-smoked salmon and crisp pizzas to exquisite desserts.

Morsø Forno oven

With various optional accessories you can turn your oven into a smoker, to smoke or roast that perfect piece of meat or even cheeses. Or with the Tuscan grill the Forno easily turns into a standard grill, giving those perfect grill lines to anything from steaks to asparagus. When stomachs are full, the oven turns into a sculptural fire pit. The orange flames captivate and keep guests warm after dinner. The Forno is ideal for those seeking a multifunctional product as you can use it as a wood-fired oven or a grill … even a fire pit.

The cast-iron Morsø Grill ’17, which can use charcoal, briquettes or wood as fuel, is ideal when you need to cook for the entire family. The base is shaped as a “bowl” and it has a grill grate and a frying plate that you can move out to the side and adjust in height so that you can use them separately. As an example, this allows you to grill meat on the plate at high heat while preparing vegetables and bread on the grate at a lower temperature.

The cast-iron Morsø Grill ’17

Then there is the Morsø Grill ’71 Table, a new interpretation of the iconic Morsø Grill ’71 but in a smaller version with a height of 31cm, a diameter of 33cm and a weight of 12.75 kg. That makes Morsø Grill ’71 Table the perfect place to prepare and enjoy a cosy meal with all your favourite dishes from the grill. This Morsø grill has a moveable grate just like the Morsø Grill ’71, meaning that you can use it as a cosy fire bowl before and after dinner.

If you are mainly after cosiness and warmth, the Morsø Kamino is perfect. It is made of cast iron but, unlike many other fire pits, you can move your Kamino around depending on wind direction and the position of your furniture. You can also use the Kamino outdoor fire pit to grill light snacks such as twist bread or sausages.

A cosy atmosphere and a delicious meal straight off the grill or out of the wood-fired oven — it doesn’t get any better than that.

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