A kitchen with a touch of country


Bringing the warmth and elegance of a French provincial lifestyle to the home, this design is a timeless beauty

With only minimal space available and a large family to cater for, the layout of this kitchen cleverly maximises every square centimetre. The neutral palette used helps create an uncluttered and seamless look, while the glossy Caesarstone benchtop subtly reflects light throughout the space.

The open-plan layout encourages movement, while the soft shades of white and grey complement the light hardwood floors, making the room feel open, casual and spacious. The originality is in the details, however, with copper pendant lights, timber accents and a vintage-style Smeg oven exuding a sense of warmth and charm.

While aesthetically pleasing, this space had to be practical as well as stylish. A hidden scullery runs parallel to the kitchen and is home to an abundance of storage and everything a busy family needs first thing in the morning. This viable add-on removes any signs of disarray from the main room, leaving the kitchen as a prime entertaining area.

Designer: Wayne Havenaar for Germancraft Cabinets

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Originally from Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly, Volume 22, Issue 3

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