A Magnificent Transformation


“Build me a kitchen to suit the house,” was what the homeowner said when handing the reins over to the team at Sensational Kitchens, and we think the brief has been met to perfection.

The home, named Regents Park, is an 1830s Georgian Mansion that has been beautifully restored. The mansion was originally part of a 1000-acre estate in the Maitland area. It now sits on five acres of magnificent sprawling gardens and is offered as boutique accommodation and a venue for weddings and functions.

The home’s original timber kitchen was built in the ’80s and also featured a small pantry and laundry. The walls separating these spaces were all taken down during the reno, to make way for a large, traditional-style kitchen and butler’s pantry that paid homage to the home’s heritage while also offering optimum functionality.

The space needed to have exceptional flow and plentiful storage. It needed to be intimate enough for small guest bookings but also large enough for catering teams. Thus, the kitchen was designed with a large island for easy access from both sides. The butler’s pantry was decked out with a secondary oven, sink and dishwasher, as well as a Zip tap for access to instant hot and chilled water. Finding the exact same lights that already existed in the staircase was a major win, as placing them in the kitchen allowed the kitchen’s design to connect with the rest of the home.

Designer Daniel Barns for Sensational Kitchens

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