A Period Style Kitchen Paying Homage to the Past


When your home is a historical beauty, you don’t want a modern kitchen. Instead, you need to pay tribute to times gone by with a period piece that honours the past yet offers all the modern conveniences of a kitchen built today.

Period Style Kitchen

That’s exactly what’s happened in this beautiful space from Premier Kitchens. This home was built in 1910 and had already been renovated throughout. The kitchen was the final piece of the puzzle — and it has now slotted perfectly into place. Step inside and enjoy a sense of grandeur.

Immediately the eye is drawn to the island, which the Premier Kitchens team extended to accommodate the homeowners’ family. The stone-profiled waterfalls and pilasters on this island make a statement, exuding luxury and capturing that period feel before you even make it into the main body of the kitchen.

Period Style Kitchen

Once you do, the rest of the space does not disappoint. Integrated appliances in this classic-style kitchen ensure the heroes of the space are the true focal points, without the competing gleam of a dishwasher or fridge. Different working zones were also considered to allow this busy working family to use the kitchen at the same time.

Quality cabinetry is evident in this room. Clean profiles with Shaker detailing are perfect for the period, and the use of bronze handles not only suit the room’s classic feel, but meet modern trends and marry up with the tapware, creating another point of cohesion in the space.

Period Style Kitchen

Design Peter Robinson

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