High quality designs should only be paired with equally high-quality hardware


At Blum it is our goal that everyone who comes into contact with our products and services, from the designers to the end users, should benefit from the advance of Blum products

Consistent developments and innovative force are required to achieve this goal.

Our products are designed to be paired with high quality furniture designs. Blum products undergo a variety of tests to ensure the utmost quality. Ongoing quality checks are held throughout the entire manufacturing process to ensure that we meet our, and your, high-quality standards. We also work with renowned independent testing institutes and organisations to ensure our products and services meet their standards and requirements.

Discover the endless possibilities for furniture designs that can be achieved using quality Blum products.

We want our fitting solutions to be innovative and make everyday kitchen use easier. Every innovation should not only bring about functional improvements but should also consider emotional and design aspects. Design is therefore an integral part of every development.
Our focus on innovation not only extends to our lift, hinge, box and runner systems but our services also. Our product range is supported by services that can assist customers’ daily activities such as; planning and construction, ordering, manufacturing and assembly as well as marketing.

Blum’s innovative products and convenient services are backed up by many years of research and development, dedicated employees and continuous efforts to identify customer needs. The insights gained from this research are incorporated into the development of new products which are beautiful to look at and practical to use.

Over the years, Blum’s products have won numerous awards both for product quality and design. We will continue to be an innovative force keeping you, our customers, at the forefront of the industry

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