Achieve a Free-Flowing Northern Beaches Lifestyle


Indoor/outdoor living is what it’s all about when you live on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

But to achieve a completely integrated look, you need to start with kitchen joinery that will seamlessly expand your entertainment areas into your living room and garden. Learn how.

There is something special about Sydney’s Northern Beaches. It’s hard to define but if you ask any resident, they’ll talk about the beach and the lifestyle it provides. They’ll describe how easy it is to be in touch with nature when you live here. They’ll also tell you about the atmosphere of the area and the wonderful people who call the Northern Beaches home.

That’s why this part of Sydney is so popular and why people invest carefully in the design and décor of their home so it reflects the lifestyle they love.

Where it all Happens

Indoor/outdoor living is what it’s all about when you live on the Northern Beaches. Often you’ll find the living, dining and kitchen areas flow freely onto patios, decks and balconies. It’s a wonderful way to entertain and enjoy time with family and friends.

But it also means you can’t take shortcuts with your furnishings, décor and kitchen design because it will sabotage the ambiance you’re trying to create.

Achieving a casual but stylish look requires careful investment in the small details like bespoke kitchen joinery that extends into your living areas and onto the outdoor kitchen and patio. This will create a seamless transition as your entertaining area extends beyond your home and into your garden.

It Starts with Bespoke Kitchen Joinery

To achieve this carefully considered look, you need a kitchen design and construction company that provides “bespoke kitchen design”. It means your new kitchen will be completely custom-made to your particular requirements. Then those design features can be taken to a whole new level with bespoke entertainment units, bookcases, study nooks and outdoor kitchens.

With bespoke kitchen joinery you are in complete control with all your cabinetry completely custom-made to your particular requirements.

Imagine that …no-one telling you the cabinets only come in standard sizes or your drawers have to fit certain dimensions.

No-one telling you “You can’t do that!” or “It’s not possible”.

It’s your home. It’s your vision. Let’s make it everything you imagine it could be.

Danish Kitchen Design Excellence on the Northern Beaches

Northern Beaches

Collaroy Kitchen Centre is possibly the best kitchen renovation company on Sydney’s Northern Beaches because everything they do is bespoke to meet their clients’ individual requirements. But they do it with the design intelligence that comes from a career that began working at one of Denmark’s oldest and most renown custom furniture makers.

In fact Collaroy Kitchen Centre is so confident about the quality of their bespoke joinery skills and kitchen or bathroom renovations, their work is backed by a 10 year warranty.

See What’s Possible

With their Danish design background, eye for the tiniest details and love of the Northern Beaches lifestyle, the team at Collaroy Kitchen Centre will help you make your design vision a reality. Just take a look at some of the joinery examples on their website.

To discuss your vision and explore the possibilities, contact Collaroy Kitchen Centre by calling 02 9972 9300 or email us.

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