An Enlightening Innovation in the Kitchen


There are some innovations that are so profoundly practical that, having tried them, you wonder how you ever managed before.

And anyone who’s ever rifled through a drawer in the dark will wonder just that after using the AvanTech YOU illumination system from Hettich.

Designed to clip seamlessly to the top of a drawer’s side panels, the integrated LED strips switch on automatically to diffuse 4000K light when a drawer is opened, before conveniently turning off when the drawer is closed.

Powered by a rechargeable battery pack, the revolutionary illumination system is suitable for all indoor uses — think kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms and offices — and is able to be retrofitted to existing AvanTech YOU drawers.

Also offered as a sophisticated light-up glass inlay, the product adds to the extensive range of high-quality colours and profiles available within the sleek, thin-walled AvanTech YOU range, and promises the ultimate in highly detailed individualization.

AvanTech YOU illumination

As the first of its kind, it’s hardly surprising this enlightened little product is attracting attention and winning awards across the globe.

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