Architectural wonder: contemporary kitchen

Architectural wonder: contemporary kitchen


A 90s kitchen relic has been converted into a contemporary space that utilises stainless steel for a minimalist aesthetic

“Originally designed and built in the late 1990s, this kitchen has been transformed into a stunning, contemporary space. The kitchen has been extended by removing the walls of the formal dining room, allowing for a space where multiple people can work alongside each other. Each part of the functional design appears as an individual, framed space providing architectural dimension with straight lines and minimalist design.

The island worktop was designed as a central meeting place for entertainment. The adjacent charcoal ‘C’ formation reinforces the island’s accessibility to guests by separating the practical workspace of the kitchen from the guest seating area. Attention to detail was important to the owners, as was the careful fusion of multiple materials and colours.

The champagne-coloured metallic colour scheme contrasts with the dark charcoal of the ‘C’ formation, emphasising the separation of cooking and entertainment areas. The stainless steel benchtop has been paired beautifully with white porcelain tiles to enhance the minimalist aesthetic as well as visually open up the space through clean, clear lines.

A sense of warmth is maintained through the horizontal splashback window, which allows for the stainless steel worktop to reflect light throughout the space. Ultimately, the kitchen was designed to be unique from all angles and the results speak for themselves.”
Designer: Rebecca Heyward for Jag Kitchens

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Originally in Kitchens&Bathrooms Quarterly, Volume 23, Issue 2