Beach Deco


When the Art Deco apartment the homeowners now live in became available for purchase 11 years ago, they jumped at the chance to buy it

Though they would have liked to renovate earlier, the apartment building required significant structural, roofing and plumbing work, which drained their budget. They also encountered the added complication of a heritage overlay, which meant all changes had to be made around the existing footprint. When they were finally ready to renovate their home, they got in touch with Eco1 Kitchens to finalise their design, layouts and materials.

The goal of the renovation was to restore and retain the original features of the apartment while creating a light-filled, modern, functional space. They also hoped to add a second bathroom. As the apartment is a short stroll to St Kilda Beach, beach deco was chosen as this project’s design style. V-groove panelling accentuates the relaxed costal aesthetic, and black and white accents were integrated as a nod to traditional Art Deco design.

White stone benchtops and tiles were used to lighten the space and the colour of the cabinetry was chosen specifically with the intention of softening the palette. The tiles you see here are the exact size and layout of the originals. They were given a modern update featuring a handmade look to bring the space into the 21st century.

The entrance to the kitchen was reconfigured to fit a European laundry with a linen press. The original laundry space was used for a new bathroom.

As one of the homeowners is a tradesperson, they completed much of the building and installation themselves to ensure a significant portion of the budget could be allocated to high-quality cabinetry, fixtures and fittings. This made all the difference in this beautiful kitchen — there is no doubt it will stand the test of time.

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