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When renovating or building a new kitchen, you want the final product to be sustainable and meet your needs for many years to come.

In the planning stages, it is important to consider your current and future storage and functionality requirements. Whether your household is growing or reducing in size, your needs over the next 15 or 20 years may be very different to your current ones.

When finalising your kitchen plans, it’s important to take into account how often you use the kitchen, your cooking and shopping habits, how often you entertain and any unique access requirements you might need.

It is possible to maximise the use of the space in your pantry using intelligent and practical cabinet solutions like Blum’s SPACE TOWER, which help ensure everything is always right where you need it. The SPACE TOWER cabinet can cater to your personal requirements and can have wide, high and deep pull-outs that extend fully, so you can reach even the farthest ingredients at the back of your pantry, making it ergonomic and practical for everyday access.

How many times have you dug deep into the back of your pantry only to find that the flour is out of date? Well, the full extension pull-outs of the SPACE TOWER allow for complete use and vision of the interior and the ability to see everything from all three sides, daily, providing quick, ergonomic access to items. With intelligent cabinetry like this, you will never waste food that is hidden in the far reaches of your pantry again.

The same benefit can be seen across the home, with wardrobes and bathroom cabinets being able to be transformed into additional usable space. Having a large cupboard space is very beneficial, however the addition of drawers has a significant impact on the accessibility of your everyday items.

As the footprint of homes reduce and space is at a premium, assessing storage requirements is becoming more front of mind. Blum can help you with identifying your storage requirements and needs. The Blum Zone Planner is a unique and interactive tool that can help you assess what storage and cabinet solutions your kitchen needs during the planning process, prompting you with questions that you may not consider at the inspirational phase of your project.

By using the Blum Zone Planner, you will be provided intelligent recommendations for cabinet solutions and interior organisation based on the information you have entered that can help you to create a clear brief for your kitchen designer.

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