A beautiful Hamptons heart for this home
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The client was originally wanting to keep the same floor-plan for their new kitchen.  However, the design team at Wood, Marble & White had a vision, this vision meant turning the kitchen around and completely opening up the area.  This new layout, with the huge island bench, would make the kitchen the absolute heart of this home – a place for their family to come together to share time and make precious memories.

The client was very keen on a Hamptons style, and this worked perfectly with the vision that the design team had.  The beautiful white cabinetry of the kitchen is a perfect accompaniment with the solid timber floor, and stone benchtop. The clever use of open shelves allows the owner to display her special crockery.

When completed the owner couldn’t have been happier with the design, layout and functionality of her new space, ‘absolutely blown away by the service and quality of workmanship I received from Wood, Marble & White!!!  Thank you, Andrea, Andrew & Lee for your patience and absolute dedication to your craft!’

Designer:  Andrea Cox for Wood, Marble & White

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