‘Best Residential Pool’ by Beau Corp


With 50 years of industry experience under their belt, Beau Corp Aquatics & Construction have a proven ability to deliver your luxury in-ground swimming pool and bespoke outdoor living dreams.

This stunning indoor pool – designed and built by Beau Corp – has recently been awarded “Best Residential Pool” by Master Builders. A design such as this, which is underpinned by the experience of Beau Corp, allows them to guarantee a gorgeous design and construction for each pool they design and construct.

Beau Corp Pool 2

Beau Corp is committed to excellence in all aspects of their business; the name is synonymous with quality, innovation and exceptional customer service. There are many elements of the Beau Corp business which enable them to stand out in their field, however, for customers, peace of mind is key.

Beau Corp are award winning commercial aquatic Master Builders who specialise in the design and construction of water parks, splash pads, resorts, podium pools, and luxury concrete residential pools.

Beau Corp Pool 3

Showcased in the Master Builders Gold Coast Housing & Construction Awards is Beau Corp’s stunning 10m x 5m indoor residential pool. The pool interior is fully tiled with large Jericho limestone format tiles. The large format tile is very on trend and is an excellent product offering a luxe look for high end luxury pools.

This pool has a negative edge with the drain on one level and a state-of-the-art water purification system included. This advanced oxidation process provides the highest quality, chemical free, water, combining ozone and UV. The pool features stunning LED lighting and provides a gorgeous indoor area which seamlessly integrates with the pre-existing residence.

Beau Corp Pool 4

The architectural design offers a stunning visual component to your property, enlivening the area it is placed. The pool housing is underground with a brilliant use of space acting as sustainable pool filtration housing.


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