A grand kitchen with room to gather


While a kitchen perhaps once used to be about showcasing the brand of your appliances, these days another theme has emerged

The island is becoming the new heart of the home, serving as a place to prepare and serve food, to eat at and also to congregate around, bringing friends and family together. This fixture can create a sense of roominess by highlighting the negative space and serve as a hero furniture piece too. What better way to create a grand kitchen that will make an impact than with a stunning island?

Yes, a strong island bench is one of the kitchen essentials in today’s modern age — and one place this is truly exemplified is in this room from Wood, Marble & White.

Here, the island serves triple duty, acting as a home for a sink, a storage space and a preparation area all in one. But its hard work doesn’t stop there. A timber extension serves as a dining table, created at the same height as the bench for a sense of continuity.

Making good use of space was a theme of this home renovation. Originally, there was a window on the back kitchen wall which meant cabinetry could not extend to full height. A half-wall ate into the footprint of the room, with a fireplace again adding bulk and making the space feel truly closed in.

The redesign has enabled the owners to maximise their cabinetry and therefore storage capacity without sacrificing on natural light. The final result is a grand kitchen dripping with the sort of elegance that befits the rest of the home, with the island as the stunning hero piece.

Designer Leighton Ward from Wood, Marble and White

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Originally featured in Luxury Kitchens & Bathrooms Volume 19

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