A rock-solid sink for your kitchen

A beautiful and rock-solid sink for your kitchen


Choose a solid sink that will be yours for life. The Oliveri Santorini granite sink range is a durable and beautiful choice for your kitchen. These hardworking, scratch-resistant sinks are ready to battle your knives and forks.

If any scratches do appear, you can polish out the marks with a cloth and a bit of elbow grease. Heat- and stain-resistant, the sinks are easy to clean and difficult to damage.
Sinks are widely considered to be the new focal point of the kitchen, so make the ultimate statement in your space with a Santorini black or matt-white granite sink. Colour-match it with your stone benchtop or use contrasting colours for a striking look.
A wide range of configurations ensures you’ll find the right size for your kitchen. Made in Italy for the Australian home, these sinks are 80 per cent granite and naturally antibacterial to remove bad smells and pollutants in the kitchen. The other 20 per cent is resin and quartz; the resin sets the shape while the quartz adds a slight sparkle.
These rock-solid products come with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty for peace of mind, and are available for purchase from leading electrical and plumbing retailers.

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Originally in Kitchens and Bathrooms Quarterly Vol. 26 No. 1