Making the designer difference

Making the designer difference
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Design innovation in ovens and grills, Steel are the Italians daring Australians to be different.

a nice seamless grey slate flooring texture background Built in Steel ovens and grills

Steel, an Italian company with 91 years of pedigree in the commercial cooker market, has finally launched into Australia and, with its domestic range of multi-function combi-steam ovens and cookers, dares you to be different. Available in a range of dynamic colours to suit any personality or kitchen, the colour panels can be converted back to stainless steel at a later stage, so re-sale won’t stop you from expressing your true colours.

There’s three oven models available — 90cm, 60cm and a 60cm double oven with pizza oven. All offer a high-grade stainless-steel interior and removable internal panels to the sides, rear and base, for easy cleaning. All Steel ovens are multifunction and also feature two unique combi-steam functions — static steam (no fan) and fan-forced steam. A water reserve in the base of the oven creates steam to be used during the cooking process. Combi-steam cooking saves cooking time, keeps the flavour in the food and is healthier than standard cooking as fat or oil is not necessary. Using heat and steam at the same time means that when you roast, the meat is not only juicy but also still crispy and brown.



Arisit 40-44 Mark Anthony Dr, Dandenong South Vic


Phone 1300 762 219



Originally from Kitchens and Bathrooms Quarterly magazine, Volume 21.1

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