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United Interior’s Presents Five art trends to love in 2019


This year, United Interiors is excited to present our 5 art trends to keep your eye on when you’re hunting for new artwork.

Artwork is an expression of your personal style and when chosen well, it sets the tone for your home. With so many different styles out there, it’s hard to hone in on a particular look and feel for your home. Whatever your interior style, we hope you will be inspired by these art trends when it comes time to refresh your walls in 2019!


TREND – Colour Burst

Using colour as a form of expression is a staple in abstract art. Mix this with a clever use of colour, form and passionate expressionism, and you get a style that is energetic and full of spontaneity. This free flowing form of art on canvas celebrates colour and vibrancy, and is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Artist to inspire: Yumi Phillips


TREND – Feminine Floral

Celebrating the beauty of the feminine, this trend spotlights sensual and strong women in a natural environment. The simplicity contrasts with bold use of colour to punctuate the canvas, creating a beautiful form from a simple sketch. Nature and human figures are shown in an elegant and sophisticated way, to create a beautiful synergy with your existing interior space.

Artist to Inspire: Pedro Tapa


TREND – Crayola Bright

A subtle nod to a sixties revival, the colours appear to be in a limbo between pastel and bright. The resulting tones are a musky retro revival that is punchy and fun. Think bolder, vintage shades of candy coloured sorbet paired with Crayola bright hues. Abstract florals, figures and foliage are layered to create strong lines, bold shapes and figures.

Artist to inspire: Cherie Caulfield


TREND – Liquid Opulence


Perfect against a dramatic dark wall and matching metallic accents, this luxurious and opulent colour theme features dark and moody jewel tones in organic, abstract forms – reminiscent of the night sky or dark galaxy. The movement is fluid, like liquid gold or melted metal, unpredictable and free flowing in nature. Punctuated with shocking bold bursts of jewel coloured accents; this artwork stands out, and shouts.

Artist to inspire: Cherie Caulfield


TREND – Pastel wanderlust


A nod to nostalgia, with a dream-like sense of escapism; this trend is a snap shot of beautiful scenes from a photographer’s perspective. Reminiscent of vintage travel posters – with a pastel hue – it invites a sense of wanderlust into your home, turning a simple wall into a dream destination.

Artist to inspire: Ilana Sallick


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