Designer Profile: Elizabeth Clarke (Kellyville Kitchens)

Elizabeth Clarke, designer at Kellyville Kitchens, provides an insight into her design process and inspiration, as well as her views on current trends and most valuable kitchen renovation advice

How long have you been a designer?

Over 25 years.

What inspired you to begin your career?

My love of colour & appreciation of beauty but with a practical & organised side. Kitchen Design was a perfect fit.

What are your unique selling points/expertise/points of difference?

Design experience – I can find that unique solution to a design problem. I listen and have empathy, plus I can translate what my clients want into a design that best suits them. Combined with attention to detail and patience, this makes me a well-experienced and very client-focused designer.

Have you won awards in your industry/field?

While working at Kellyville Kitchens, we have won a Small Business of the Year Award and been a finalist for many other business and design awards.

Are there any trends coming through in 2018 that readers should know about?

There’s definitely an emerging trend this year toward kitchens and other spaces incorporating bold textures and colours while opting for plain-style doors. In particular, mixing Hamptons-style doors with bold colours or strongly contrasting colours is becoming a lot more common.
The importance of lighting is also starting to be noticed more and more, and this is one reason why 2018 has started to see kitchens with lighting which breaks from traditional approaches, such as strip lighting under wall cabinets.

Have you exceeded expectations in form/function?

I enjoy bringing out my client’s own creativity. I try to make the renovation an enjoyable and exciting experience with a high level of service from beginning to completion. Nothing makes me happier than a delighted client.

What makes you an industry leader/innovator/influencer?

Having an eye for detail and always honing my skills as a designer. I keep up with current trends so I understand how to utilise them with a personal touch or fresh approach.

See more of Elizabeth’s work and projects at the Kellyville Kitchens website

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