Designer Profile: Ghadear Tadros (Kellyville Kitchens)

We chat with Ghadear Tadros of Kellyville Kitchens, and discover her design process and inspiration, views on current trends and her advice as an industry leader for anyone looking to start a new kitchen project

How long have you been a designer?

More than 19 years.

What inspired you to begin your career?

I‘ve always had a strong passion for design and a fierce creative streak. At school my favourite subject was Technical Drawing and Design. I was the female student in my class, but still managed to top the class. My passion for the subject grew and I decided to continue the path by going to university and studying a Bachelor of Interior Architecture. I completed my degree in four years.

What are your unique selling points/expertise/points of difference?

The most imperative character of a good designer is the ability to listen and produce work to suit the client’s needs. It important to me to educate my clients and give them a range of options in order for them to make informed decisions. While many companies simply follow the trends, through my experience I am often a step ahead of the trends and this helps to deliver high-quality interiors.

Have you won awards in your industry/field?

Kellyville Kitchens was a finalist in the Hills Local Awards in 2013, Australian Award Business finalist in 2014, Small Business award finalist in 2015, and a finalist in FIAA awards in 2017 for The Best Kitchen.

Are there any coming through trends in 2018 that readers should know about?

While white cabinets will always be popular, the trend is turning towards deep colours like dark greys, navy and black, complimented by Gold, Gunmetal, Rose Gold and Copper handles and tapware. The use of technology such as USB ports, internet refrigerators and sensor activated tapware is also on the increase.

Have you exceeded expectations in form/function?

It’s rare that you have a blank canvas to start with in my line of work. There is often an existing footprint that can be restrictive. In a recent job, a client wanted to completely change the dynamics and the flow of her kitchen, but her old kitchen’s footprint was very to difficult to transform. However, I managed to re-create her space and deliver a kitchen design that matched the dynamics she wanted without any major structural changes.

What makes you an industry leader/innovator/influencer?

I take a lot of pride in the quality of my materials that I use in my designs. All my products are Australian-made which not only delivers superior quality and longevity, but also supports the economy. I encourage my clients to always support Australian products as it beneficial to both them and the country. In terms of my designs, I have the ability think outside the square which helps me deliver innovative work and sets me apart from many other companies. I am also able to easily integrate my ideas to suit my clients needs and budget, which in the long run helps my clients to easily adapt into their new interior. I believe I’m at the forefront of environmentally friendly designs and I like to keep my designs “green” which not only helps sustainability, but can save my customers money in the long run.

See more of Ghadear’s work and projects at the Kellyville Kitchens website

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