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A transformative renovation by Kate Anderson Design (KAD) saw the existing open-plan kitchen created into a contemporary coastal space for these clients.

Tapping into serene colours and textures that reference the home’s natural surrounds has worked to add a luxurious feel and intrigues every guest that walks into the space. From the white American oak veneer to the finer hints of brass detailing, this kitchen is one to be desired.

The clients wanted to achieve better work flow within the space, without being disconnected when entertaining friends and family.

New integrated appliances ensure a seamless look and flow and hidden internal white American oak veneer has been incorporated into the pantry and drinks station.

KAD updated the orientation of the kitchen, allowing for a large increase in cupboard space.
It also provided a work area that was nearer to the island so cooking, working and entertaining could be done at the same time. A bold neon light hangs overhead and offers the ultimate wow-factor, which is sure to be a talking point for all who visit.

2022 HIA-Bluescope Truecore steel Sunshine Coast Wide bay Housing award for KITCHEN DESIGN Winner. 

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