Easy post-dinner clean-up: kitchen waste disposer

A food waste disposer is an ideal time-saving solution for today’s busy lifestyle

Imagine you have just finished hosting yet another amazing dinner party, everything from the crab-filled witlof leaves crowned with salmon pearls for entrée to the Bombe Alaska that lit like a towering inferno right on cue. What a night. You close the door on the final guest and return to the kitchen, basking in your own accomplishments. This euphoria is short-lived, however, as you survey the damage. Your benchtop looks like a battlefield and endless scraps litter every surface.

Looking for a lifeline, you reach for the trusty kitchen bin, only to find it brimming with pre-dinner preparation. You sigh as you watch the remnants of the Alaskan meringue gracefully cascading down the side of the bin towards the floor. The post-dinner clean-up begins.

Alternatively, you could consider installing a food waste disposer. Food scraps are swept into the sink as you prepare the meal, then at a flick of a switch they are ground and sent through the plumbing to a waste water treatment plant. With the Evolution Series, nearly all food scraps, including bones, are ground and flushed quickly away without blades, saving you time and effort.
Life is fast and time to waste, especially for multi-hat-wearing mums, is seldom a luxury we can afford. For this reason, invest in a food waste disposer — an ideal time-saving solution that will complement today’s busy lifestyle.

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