Espresso addict: Top 7 coffee machines

Espresso addict: Top 7 coffee machines



Can’t leave the house without your morning coffee fix? Whether you want to bring out your inner barista or just brew a simple cup, the latest coffee machines on the market have you covered.


1.The ultimate machine for the home, the Ilve machine is designed to be built into your kitchen space. Featuring a combined milk frother and hot-water spout, personalised coffee presets and removable drip tray and water tank, it also has a decaffeinated coffee function for those who want the coffee taste without the buzz. Standout features include the red LED display system and the machine’s ability to be quiet and let you know when it needs refilling and cleaning.



2. The newly released Maestria and Gran Maestria machines by Nespresso enable anyone to create the perfect cup of coffee at home, just like a true barista. Both feature retro dials at the front to allow coffee lovers to adjust the volume of coffee poured. The Gran Maestria (pictured) offers unsurpassed control by allowing users the option of cold milk, hot milk, and two hot milk froth options (for stiff or velvety froth) to create high-quality iced coffees, lattes and cappuccinos. What more do you need?



3. La Pavoni Spa was founded in Milan in 1905 thanks to Desiderio Pavoni in a little workshop at Via Parini. His first invention was patented by Luigi Bezzera on September 1, 1902, and was duly registered at the Milan State Office on September 19, 1903, giving life to the first espresso coffee machine called Ideale. As the first machine of its kind to be marketed, this model spread the fashion of drinking Italian-style espresso coffee at the bar, first in Europe and then around the whole world. If you love your design icons as much as your coffee, shouldn’t you indulge yourself?



4. Cappuccino? Flat white? Latte? They’re all perfect when made with this Perfecta ESAM5600 machine by DeLonghi. In fact, the system features four separate milk buttons so you can really have the coffee you love at home. A graphic display touch screen makes creating a coffee easy, and the milk container cleans itself. So sit back and enjoy the coffee, because with this machine that’s about all you’ll have to do.


5. There’s something about making coffee the real way — all you need is freshly ground beans and a willingness to learn. The commercially inspired Infuser BES840 Espresso Machine from Breville is ideal. Rather than starting with bursts of high pressure, a steady low-pressure pre-infusion gently expands the grinds before stepping up to high pressure for an even extraction and the 1700 watts of high power delivers fast heating and high-pressure steam for great milk texture. The result is a full-bodied delight.



6. Sometimes simplicity is divine. Wake up to a freshly brewed coffee every morning using the 24-hour program function of this KitchenAid KCM222 Coffee Maker. With a 14-cup capacity, it’s the ideal coffee maker to use when guests come around, while a one- to four-cup brew cycle is ideal for smaller crowds (or just yourself). The pause-and-serve feature allows you to pour a cup of coffee before the entire pot is complete, and a self-clean function makes cleaning a breeze — just how coffee should be.



7. Everyone needs to be impressed sometimes and it’s inevitable with the Impressa Z7 coffee machine by Jura. This top-quality model excites even the most demanding coffee enthusiast. Make a macchiato, cappuccino or any of the 11 options at the touch of a button, and enjoy. The machine also features a clever pre-heating capability for the first cup, while a height-adjustable cappuccino spout ensures no splashes and optimum milk foam quality.

From Grand Designs Australia magazine Vol. 1 No. 2